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New Hampshire (N.H.) 2015 – 2016 Property Tax Rates: Highest, Lowest & Everything Else.

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by Anura Guruge

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2017 Rates Now Available.

New Hampshire property tax rates Anura Guruge

For 2015 – 2016 I am JUST going to do this ONE post and update it as more and more towns report.

Previous years I did a post each time there was a fresh batch of data. Given that people find these posts, in the main, via search engines they would invariably end up at an out-of-date post.

Hence this approach. So ideally anybody and everybody looking for 2015 – 2016 New Hampshire property tax information will always end up at this post. OK? Clear? Thanks.

As of December 12, 2015, 238 towns have published their 2015 – 2016 Property Tax Rates. (As always I have excluded the (exotic) N.H. Townships, Grants, Locations, and Purchases, e.g., Bean’s Grant, Bean’s Purchase, Cambridge, Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy Grant, Dix’s Grant etc. Wikipedia has a list of all these N.H. ‘exotics’. I exclude them because they typically do not have a bona fide tax.)

I consider 229(+) towns as our ‘full house’. So at 238 is GOOD.

PLEASE note that these property tax rates in isolation are MEANINGLESS unless you also factor in the relative property values of the towns. Please read this post. Click image on right to ENLARGE.

All the data used from the NH Department of Revenue Administration Tax ‘page’.
For 2015 – 2016 they have a new Website. The data provided and the format is a bit different.
They have included a ‘dashboard’ to try and make it easier IF you understand their lingo.

Click here to access the official N.H. Website page.

2015 – 2016 New Hampshire Property Tax Rates

December 12, 2015.

238 Towns Reporting — that is close to a ‘Full House

The following table also shows, to the RIGHT, the 2014-2015 tax rate and the CHANGE.

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Highest Tax Rate
(Top 15)


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Lowest Tax Rate
(Bottom 15)


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