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London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony: Indian (Punjabi) Segment Makes Slightly For Empire Snub.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Click for YouTube video of this uplifting dance segment with Eric Idle.

Other than for the stupid, uncalled for Winston Churchill blunder, the remainder of the London Olympics Closing Ceremonies ROCKED! Thank You. Bravo. Way to go. I am so happy and proud.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics were pretty amazing and I have to think that the opening ceremonies with all those drums etc. will continue to be hailed as one of the greatest of events for decades to come.

I was worried that MY London would come up short. That they said at the start that they decided that they were not gong to compete with the Chinese kind of upset me. I am always into forward and upward.

We made up for it with the Closing Ceremonies — though, now old, I have to confess, I had NO IDEA who some of the performers were! Neither did Deanna. But, they were good. The Pinball Wizard segment was spectacular. We have watched it three times so far, with the speakers blasting. Of course, I would have liked to have see the WHO perform it, but c’est la vie.

Click for YouTube video of the Pinball Wizard segment.

That they finally showed some Indians (^^^^ above) was gratifying — albeit it was in the COMEDY segment with Eric Idle! Was that a dig at the Indians? That is OK with me. A favorite pastime in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) where I come from is to poke fun of Indians. The dancing and music was good. The kids, who love Indian music, thought it was great. Some of the dancers (if not all) were Sikhs. That was poignant given what took place in Wisconsin during the Olympics. NBC did not make that connection. They wouldn’t know. They probably thought the turbaned dancers were from Pakistan!

Loved seeing the Rolls Royces. We make some of the most awesome cars in the World (and these days most of them are reasonably reliable and don’t rust that much). I am glad they featured British cars and didn’t insult me by using any German ones. All said, I am delighted. I e-mailed a friend of mine in the U.K., a Catholic priest named ‘Churchill’ (though alas not a relative), about how proud WE should all be. London and the U.K. did good. Demonstrated, once again, that we are still a world power to be contended with — even sans the Empire.