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NH County Commissioner ‘Hunter Taylor’, Of Alton, Confirms He Is A Decent, Honorable Man With A Sound Moral Compass.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here. In the July 18, 2019, “The Baysider”. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access “The Baysider” original.

My initial assessment of him, 3-years ago, was SPOT ON.

Click to read my post.

News media reports.

Click to ENLARGE. Google for more. Easy to find.

Bravo & Kudos Hunter.

YOU have, courageously and convincingly, demonstrated that being a good Republican does not mean you cannot also be decent, honorable, honest & righteous.

THANK YOU, Hunter, for showing that it can be done. I hope Mitt Romney is vacationing in his mansion in Wolfeboro and hears about it. It might inspire him.

Hunter Taylor is an exceptional man, cerebral, learned, committed and caring. I have had the honor of meeting him (and his delightful and equally bright & inspiring wife, Ruth Larson) a few times and have always walked away buoyant and with hope for the future.

Simply (but slightly more crudely put) Hunter Taylor has shown that there is noting that says that being a modern Republican means that you have to be a jerk, a bully, a racist and a blowhard.

Another good day for New Hampshire. Yippee. Two in a row. Wow. Yesterday, we had the ‘Period Poverty‘ bill, spearheaded by a schoolgirl, passed into law.

Things are looking up for New Hampshire.

Thank YOU, Hunter.

You are a MAN, you are THE MAN.

I with Ray Burton.

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by Anura Guruge

It Was Cool To Meet ‘Hunter Taylor’, Of Alton, The BIG Winner Of The Belknap County Commissioner Primary.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Hunter Taylor with his wife, Ruth Larson.

I had a 3pm in Gilford on NH September Primary Day, Sept. 13, 2016, to get my teeth cleaned. On the way home I decided to swing by the Gilford Polling Station to ‘press-the-flesh’ with my Democrat friends, Lisa DiMartino and Nancy Frost in particular. I missed Lisa since she had left for Meredith. But Nancy was still there as was Johan Andersen — both, like Lisa, running for NH House. Standing next to them, wearing a “Hunter Taylor” golf-shirt was this rather neat lady who promptly engaged me in a lively conversation and did a wonderful, much endearing impression of our (of late) ex-neighbor the wavering part-time ex-politician. I liked her — much. She was cool. She turned out to be “Ruth Larson” — Hunter Taylor’s wife (and as she told me, one of his former students). She and I had a lot to talk about, in particular Hunter Taylor’s opponent’s very shady financial dealings.

As we were chatting Hunter Taylor, who I had not previously met, sauntered over. To my amazement he knew who I was! I was impressed. He is a real cool dude. Nice guy. As some of you know I do not let my strong Democratic leanings get in the way of liking people irrespective of their political leanings. Plus on some social issues I (still retaining my old reputation for being “to the right of Thatcher“) am very much with the Conservatives — even more of a stickler than the current Pope. Hunter Taylor, by any measure, is a much better candidate to continue as Commissioner than his opponent. No wonder he went to beat him 2,035 to 591 votes; 500 to 153 in Alton, where both contestants reside. I am glad that Hunter Taylor won. I went searching the Web to find the results because WMUR was not forthcoming.

I am glad I stopped at the Polling Station.

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by Anura Guruge

So What Is The Story Here With The 10-4 Vote For Belknap County Medicare Rehab?


Anura Guruge


Click on images to access the newspaper archive at ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’.



I saw and quickly skimmed through the story in yesterday’s ‘Laconia Daily Sun’. Kind of made sense to me. I didn’t stop to tally the votes.

Then I saw the ‘Repeat 4th Grade‘ letter this morning. Kind of cracked me up and also got me thinking whether that would be 4th Grade with or without the ‘Common Core Curriculum‘.

I have no axe to grind on this. I do actually see both sides to the ongoing County budget war. Yes, I do NOT want the County portion of my Property Tax bill to go up ‘9%’ (or whatever). That is a given. My tax bill is high enough already — thanks. So, I am totally behind any and all efforts to keep the tax increase of my bill under control.

But, I also understand that the County has obligations that we have to pay for, whether we like it or not, because that is how things work. As ever I would like some meaningful COMPROMISE. So that is where I stand.

This Medicare reimbursement ‘issue’, at least at first sight, and as reported in the paper, seems innocuous to me — and today’s letter appears to echo that.

Plus I just, as is my wont, did some sums. There were 14 State Reps present for the vote — with 4 AWOL. Of that, reading between the lines, 9 were Republicans, 5 were Democrats.

So in the 10-4 vote, 5 Republicans joined the Democrats to make the 10 votes. So, 5 Republicans voted FOR, and 4 Republicans voted against. I find that very odd. That is my concern.

Why did the 4 that vote against, do so? What did they fear that the the other Republicans present, did not.

I am curios.

Lisa DiMartino, NH State Rep. Belknap County, District 2 (Gilford & Meredith) With Dr. Jill Biden In Laconia, NH

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

..by Anura Guruge

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Please click to access Lisa’s Website. Thanks.

Lisa DiMartino talking to Dr. Jill Biden

Lisa DiMartino talking to Dr. Jill Biden. Click to ENLARGE.

Lisa DiMartino with Dr. Jill Biden.

Lisa DiMartino, NH State Rep. Belknap County, District 2 (Gilford & Meredith) with Dr. Jill Biden.

Lisa DiMartino, NH State Rep. Belknap County, District 2 (Gilford & Meredith) with Dr. Jill Biden.

We Met With Dr. Jill Biden, The V.P. Joe’s Wife, In Laconia, NH This Evening. It Was A Rare Honor. What A GREAT Lady.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

..by Anura Guruge

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We Met Michael Dukakis In Laconia, NH, Today — Oct. 27, 2012.

She really was all that had been portrayed of her. What a role model for the kids. I just thanked her and her husband. Click to ENLARGE to full size.

Teischan, who is a fairly stoic soul, was obviously impressed. Most important lady she has met so far. Click to ENLARGE.

Good crowds. Maybe around 70. The little Laconia office was packed. Lots of local VIPs. That was good. The campaign send a team of young ladies ahead to setup and jazz-up the office. I am glad they did. Looked very festive, though there were a lot of us very apprehensive. This is not 2008. A couple of things that amazed me, but I will not talk about them here.

Teischan’s full-size Obama standup, on temporary loan to the office, dressed up by the office staff for the event. Not sure if Teischan was impressed. Click …

Andrew Hosmer (left), a VERY NICE gentleman, who is running for NH Senate from Laconia. Please vote for him. He will excel.

Ed Philphot Esq., my friend and sometimes lawyer, who is running for Belknap County Commissioner, posing with his son — obscuring Mrs. Biden.

Me working the crowds chatting with Ed Philpot.

Dr. Mrs. Jill Biden, The V.P.’s Wife, Is Visiting Laconia, NH This ‘Evening’. We Plan To Attend. She Is Really Neat.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

..by Anura Guruge

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Click to get to know Mrs. Biden, a really neat lady.

E-mail me for details (—>>>)
For obvious reasons I don’t want to blab about this too much. It is NOT a secret.
It has been publicized – which I why I am bringing it to your attention.
See you there.

Meredith, NH: Halloween ‘Trick or Eat’ Event, Sunday October 28, 2012 To Benefit Got Lunch!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

We saw this in the ‘Laconia Daily Sun’ and decided to sign-up.
Not sure what it is all about. But it involves food & music!

But, it includes Giuseppe’s Pizzeria & Ristorante (our favorite restaurant in the Lakes Region), Phu Jee Chinese Cuisine (which is noted for its authentic Chinese), Mame’s (that is invariably good) and Georges Diner (with its generous portions). I used to live in Meredith and am quite familiar with the surroundings and characters. So this could be fun.

Hoping that Lisa DeMartino, who is running for NH State Rep., Belknap County, District 2 (Gilford & Meredith), might be able to join us. We are scheduled for the 2pm tour. See you there.

There is supposed to be music from Happy Tunes Band, Julie Velie and New Horizons — all of which are new to me. No Paul Warnick and Phil ‘n The Blanks. Shame.

Call 603-279-6121, the Meredith Chamber of Commerce, for more details.

Click to access October 13, 2012, ‘Laconia Daily Sun’ article.

Click to access this write up at the ‘Meredith Chamber of Commerce’.