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KIA Sportage 3 Year Lease — We ‘Grounded’ SUV with 27 Days To Spare & 7K Miles Under.

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by Anura Guruge

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This, the last weekend of May, has been quite the weekend for us — by design. June, with June 27 Deanna’s birthday, tends to be a ‘landmark’ month for us. As it happened, couple of key things were coming to their expiration in June 2015.

One was the detested DirecTV two-year contract that was coming to an end on June 21, 2015. The other was the 3-year, 36,000 mile KIA Sportage lease which we signed for on Deanna’s birthday 3 years ago and as such was terminating on June 27, 2015.

With BOTH DirecTV and KIA I wanted to terminate AHEAD of the expiration, albeit for different reasons. I just detested DirecTV and wanted OUT as soon as possible. And that I managed after 4 phone calls and one chat session.

Leased vehicles in New Hampshire have arbitrary registration ‘months’ independent of the birthday of the leasee — whereas with vehicles you purchase the registration month is keyed to the owner’s birthday. The KIA Lease registration month — which also ties into the State inspection month — is May. So the KIA registration/inspection were both expiring today, May 31.

I was in no mood to register the KIA for 3 weeks and go through an inspection. Just was not worth it. Was easier and cheaper just to return it 3 weeks early. The KIA lease terms permit this. you can return a lease 28 days ahead of expiration. So that is what I did.

All worked out.

Returning the KIA, to Autoserv Belmont, was a pleasure and joy.

The Sales manager at KIA Autoserv Belmont, Tim Paradis, is ‘A-OK’!

IF I had met him before I might have leased another KIA. He was good. Very personable, likeable … HONEST guy. Trust me. I, in my old age, an impeccable judge of character. Tim Paradis was good. We liked him (even before we discovered that he likes Jaguars and has owned some). IF you want a car go see Tim at Autoserv Belmont.

I have nothing against KIA (or for that matter Hyundai) vehicles. Mechanically and functionally they are ultra-reliable and rugged. Never had a single problem with the KIA — but we also only drove it for 28,500 miles. Very reliable and dependable. All of my issues are with the people and the Company. Tim Paradis was a pleasant exception. I guess KIA folks are under huge pressure to perform and as such end up acting weird — and that is being polite.

As I suspected would happen (I knowing how leasing works) Autoserv promptly BOUGHT the car from KIA Lease when we returned it. That was a given with the low milage. To be fair they got a bargain. Even I toyed with the idea of buying from KIA and then trying to sell. But, with my luck I would have lost money.

So that is the end of the KIA. Doubt whether KIA will figure in our lives anytime soon. But ANOTHER Jag might!.

Devanee As A Part Of The Alton Central School (ACS) Team Takes Part In Her First Cross Country Meet.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This was Devanee’s very first sporting event at Alton (not counting the skiing).

She had been avoiding sports but this year, now that she is back at ACS, I insisted that she did something. Though I have tried she refuses to run with me. So she is still getting into the swing of things with this running. IF she can build up her endurance she should do quite well because she has the build for long distance running.

Yesterday was brutally hot.

The meet was at the Laconia Middle School which is right by Opechee Park — and some of the run (which was twice around the same 1 mile course) was on the banks of the lake. That was pretty nice. To my amazement none of the kids, despite the heat, hit the water. I would have, on the second lap.

A lot of teams participated: Laconia, Inter-Lakes, Winnisquam, Belmont, Plymouth, Barnstead, Gilford etc. The total field counting both the boys and the girls had to have been close to 200. It was impressive. It was well organized.

They walked the course to begin with — which I gather is the norm for all meets. So in that heat, 80F, they first had to walk 1 mile before running it twice.

Though I was dressed to go out to dinner, with Laconia mayoral hopeful Ed Engler, I walked the course — because I can’t stand around doing nothing. I had run 2.25 miles earlier in the day, so I would end up covering the same distance as the kids (though I ran up Prospect Mountain Road, with the elevation).

Devanee, given that she has only been running for less than 2 weeks, didn’t do that great. But she finished. That alone was good.

One of the Alton girls, an 8th grader, whose name I do not know, came in 2nd. She was impressive. She even led the field (for the girls) at one point. She has a good action. She will do well. IF she got some personal, scientific coaching she could win some of these events.

The Alton coach, Alan Barrett, who is a marathon runner (and ran in this years famous Boston Marathon), is very good and committed. He is not a teacher at the school. He comes in just to do cross-country. I have talked to him a few times now. Very nice person. I am glad. Very supportive of the kids.

They have track meets every week now. It is unlikely that it will ever be as hot as it was yesterday. I assume it will be more or less these same teams every week. Will be interesting to see how the kids progress.

Stay tuned. Next week is in Gilford. 

“Christmas At Luther” On PBS: Do Not Miss. ‘Tape’ It Quick. It Is Brilliant! Best Christmas Show In A Long Time.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


..by Anura Guruge

Click to access the ‘Luther College’ Webpage for this PBS broadcast.

Watch their teaser 42 second VIDEO Clip.

Click image to access the 42 second video clip at YouTube.

These are the “Norsemen” from Luther. They are something else, in the best possible sense. Here is but just one of the videos from YouTube. Click … Do NOT miss this. It will make your day.

A reader very kindly sent me this link to the detailed program of this concert, with the words to all the songs, from the
Minnesota Public Radio website.

It is a PDF. Click here to access it.

This was indeed blessed serendipity in its full glory. Around Christmas I check the PBS TV schedule (both Boston and NH) to see what Christmas music shows they are airing — in part, still hoping against hope that they will go back to showing “Christmas At King’s” the show they would get from the BBC and air, annually in the 1980s and 1990s. Alas no King’s but to my delight ‘Luther College‘, which I had never heard of, more than compensated for that. Thank you PBS.

Yes, over the years we have seen most of these PBS shows: Belmont, Mormon Tabernacle etc. etc. But, this stood out.

This College should be very proud. They excelled. It was a multidisciplinary performance featuring different choirs and musical accompaniment. They even had a delightful, virtuoso performance of campanology. It was world class (though as a Brit, I have to say that they didn’t have the real church bells that we add to the hand bells to add real ‘oomph’ to the sound!). The ‘Norseman’ are SPECIAL. Wow. Wow. Wow. They have one male soloist who has me in total awe. I just think about his parents. They must be so proud, and deservedly so.

The kids loved it. In the last two days we have watched it, or at least parts of it, 3 times and the kids want more. I ‘locked’ it on the DVR. I see that they plan to release a CD ($18) & DVD ($22). Most likely I will buy it.

I checked the MA/NH PBS schedule. You should be able to catch it on either Channel 2, 11, 9 or 44 up till December 26. So, don’t walk. Run to your DVR.

This is good. You will thank me for this. The best Christmas present I could have given you.

Ten In New Hampshire: Chinese Buffet Restaurants

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

.by Anura Guruge

A series of personal lists to share MY New Hampshire with any interested browser.
The lists are in no particular order per se, other than those that have particular significance to me are likely to be closer to the top. Annotations at the bottom.

Chinese Buffet Restaurants In NH

.1. Great Buffet II — Portsmouth.

.2. Great Buffet — Manchester.

.3. Red Apple — Concord.

.4. New Hong Kong Buffet — Belmont.

.5. Imperial Buffet & Lounge — Claremont.

.6. Shang Hai Restaurant — Laconia.

.7. Sunrise Buffet — Lebanon.

.8. Grand Buffet — Nashua.

.9. Dynasty Restaurant — Rochester.

10. New Keene Buffet — Keene.

— current favorites. — we still go, but not that often.
— we used to frequent often, but not of late.
— have been there at least once.

The ‘Red Apple’ in Concord used to be our ‘go to buffet’. We used to go there at least once a month, on average. Then we just stopped. Not sure why. There was no particular reason. Now tend to go to ‘Great Buffet II’ in Portsmouth if we really hanker a buffet or happen to be in the area and need food. If we are looking for a buffet in Manchester we go to the ‘Great Buffet’ — which as far as I know, is the only bona fide game in town. Though I have not been for at least two years, I have to say that in terms of sheer quality of the food, the ‘Red Apple’ is probably head and shoulders above the others. The ‘Great Buffet II’ is more expansive but the food is at best average.