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San Diego Zoo, Elephant Close-Call With 2-Year Old & Brain-Dead Father — It Was An African Elephant.

by Anura Guruge

What puzzles me most is how he managed to get into the enclosure. Two things here. I would have thought that the zoo would have had enough barriers to keep a person way. Plus, I would have thought that at least one ‘zoo keeper‘ would always be within striking distance of this enclosure. It is not as if they would not have enough to do.

In the YouTube videos you can see images of the brain-dead dad. He looks drugged & I detect some ‘Asian’ in him. Obviously he was NOT thinking straight — BUT then again I used to go & pet a wild, fully-grown Bengal tiger at an open air zoo in England! But, in my case I was only putting MY ARM at risk — & I had spent days building up a ‘rapport’ with that tiger.

However, what struck me the MOST was that it was an African elephant, most likely a bull at that. How can you tell? The ears. Yes, African elephants, bull or cow, are markedly more aggressive than Indian elephants.

Watching the videos I learnt that they had both African & Indian (also called ‘Asian’) elephants in the enclosure. I find it interesting that none of the other elephants came to see what was going on. They tend to be curious animals.

I am by no means an expert, but having grown up in Ceylon I know a bit about Indian elephants — given the nearly daily exposure we would have to domesticated one. I like elephants. But, I am partial to Indian elephants. To I, they are better looking & have far better temperaments.

Bottom line here. Do not try to break into elephant enclosures — full stop. Exposing a 2-year old to an elephant you do NOT know is beyond stupid. Yes, in Ceylon, with a domesticated elephant that I already knew, I would have no compunction about offering a 2-year old baby for them to pet! Yes, they will PET a baby with their trunk with GREAT AFFECTION. They are BIG cuddly puppies! Very loyal & affectionate. SMILE. But, I did STRESS domesticated — & Indian.

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by Anura Guruge


Bobcat Again — This Time, Pictures & Video; Halfmoon Lake, Alton, NH.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Crop from the picture below.

Max. zoom on my Google Pixel 4. It was (I think) about 150-yards away.
ALAS, that is as far as the Pixel 4 would zoom. Yes, not great quality.
Video, below, is slightly better.

Same bobcat I saw on Monday. Same road, about 1/4-mile to the South (i.e., towards Barnstead). Opposite the entrance to our beach. That was where the initial reports were from — & it obviously hangs around there.

To be honest, I was hoping to see it today. I walked around that area, twice, in a loop — hoping to see it. Luck, for a change, was on my side, today.

Click to ENLARGE. GPS track of today’s 4.65-mile.

It was 10:35am.

I have 33-seconds worth of pictures & the video is 50-seconds. Might have taken me 20-seconds to get the phone. So, he/she was out there staring at me for just over 2-minutes.

It started moving away when we both heard a car approaching. Not sure how long it would have stayed but for that. Did NOT seem afraid of I, but we were quite far apart. It could have got used to humans by now.

22-years ago I had a similar encounter, on the banks of Winnipesaukee, in Meredith (Mile Point), with a HUGE wolf. We were a bit closer & I had two golden puppies, on leashes, at my feet. He also was not inclined to move away. Just stood there & stared. But, in that case, we suspect, he had come looking for the two pups!

So ….

I am sure more folks will now be out looking for it. Hhhhmmmm.

I walk, just up from there, every night, for a mile! Wonder whether he will come to see me again. I wear a rather headlight. Have seen deer nearly every night this week. 1st time I have seen any deer until then!

So …. A bear & a bobcat this Summer. What fun. Am I going to carry any spray. Heck NO! Might take my walking stick more often. SMILE.

The bear encounter from  3-weeks ago. What fun. Have I told you that I once petted a Bengal Tiger through the bars of an open-air zoo. This was in the U.K. Zoo was next door (though ‘next door’ was like 4-miles away). I used to go sit with him in the evenings after work. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge