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Alton Central School (ACS), N.H. Choruses At May 21, 2015 ACS, BES & PMHS District Concert.

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by Anura Guruge

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Which one is Devanee should NOT be hard to work out. [She looks just like me.]

ACS’ Hillarie Camire, expecting her third — who will, I hear, take the next year off to raise the kids. She did a lot to help Devanee with her singing. The kids will miss her. She is very well loved and respected.

I posted 4 YouTube videos.

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Here are the links to access them:
1. Elementary chorus.
2. Middle School chorus I.
3. Middle School chorus II.
4. Combined choruses.

‘Nimbus 9’ At The Barnstead Parade Grounds, N.H., On Saturday, July 27, 2013.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The wide open space of the Barnstead Parade Grounds on Saturday night. We were  in the last 'row' to speak -- the one behind what is hwon here.

The wide open space of the Barnstead Parade Grounds on Saturday night. We were in the last ‘row’ to speak — the one behind what is shown here. Click to ENLARGE.



As far as we know, Greg Neveu, the Music Teacher from Barnestead Elementary School (BES), plays with Nimbus 9 — though it is hard to confirm this since their Website is, atypically, coy about the full names of the band members, albeit the list headed by a ‘Greg’. So we think it is one and the same. We saw Greg and a school recital at Prospect Mountain High School, Alton, a couple of years ago and were very impressed. A very gifted and driven young man. So when we heard that he played for a group, viz. Nimbus 9, we had gone and listened to them, in Barnstead, at this very same venue, maybe two years ago.

This Saturday Deanna saw that Nimbus 9 was playing again in Barnstead.

As you all know we had been going to Cate Park, Wolfeboro, for the last 3 Saturday evenings for the concerts — and had had much success. We were going to be spending much of the day in Wolfeboro that Saturday with the British Car Rally but decided that we would go to Barnstead in the evening.

Since the Cate Park concerts start at 7 pm I had just assumed that this was the de rigeur time for Summertime concerts in the Lake Region. I was wrong. Barnstead starts at 6 pm. So we missed the first fifteen minutes. Sorry.

Cate Park, July b20, 2013 for ‘Country Mile’.

Parking wasn’t an issue. We pulled in, rather close to a tree, right on the edge of the Park.

You would have to say that there wasn’t as many people as we had seen, regularly, at Cate. Maybe, at best, a third of what was there for ‘Country Mile’ last Saturday.

The atmosphere and dynamics of the two venues are also so different. Like chalk and cheese. Cate Park is a much smaller, intimate park. The Barnstead Parade Grounds, in comparison, is huge and wide open.

At Cate Park everybody (or pretty close to everybody) sits on folding chairs neatly arrayed in neat, orderly, properly space, concentric semi-circles. It is very staid, even bordering on British. Though a few people (though not always the same) dance that is about the extent of the ambulatory activity. Teenagers, vendors and raffle ticket sellers are conspicuous by their absence. Not so in Barnstead. Barnstead is more of a Summer evening in the park — with some group playing music in the background. As Deanna’s panorama above clearly depicts the seated audience is sparse and widely spaced. Much of the space by the bandstand is occupied by youngsters and some adults hula hooping, playing frisbee and soccer. Lots of kids. There was a fundraiser for Prospect Mountain High School. Lots of kids walking around selling popcorn, soda and raffle tickets. Lots of people having picnics.

In this midst Nimbus 9 played.

They definitely were OK. They are a contemporary cover band. The Top 40 is what they claimed, though they did a very good rendering of one of my favorite songs, and what I still think as my theme song, ‘The Joker’. I don’t think it has been in the top 40 in 30 years.

The acoustics of the open spaces is not that conducive to a band. There is really nothing to reverberate the sound. So the sound system was a bit challenged. I guess it was meant for indoor concerts. Trying to project sound across this park was asking a lot from it — and it ‘showed’. The high end was getting distorted. That bothered Deanna. Around 7:30 she asked whether I wanted to leave. I don’t like doing that. So we stayed till the end.

No doubt all the folks there had a good time. Nimbus 9 is uncomplicated. Straightforward. Very workmanlike. They belted out their repertoire. They had a local bass player, soon off to join the Marines, come on stage and play with them. That was a nice touch.

We will be in Wolfeboro next Saturday. Huggins Fair. We might, with luck, hear the music from Cate. Not sure whether we will make it to Cate. We stay till the bitter end at the Fair — which means close to 9 pm.

Barnstead Elementary School (BES), NH, Holds ‘Pi Day’ Activity. Kudos.


  Anura Guruge

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Barnstead to their credit did have a ‘Pi Day’ event replete also with pies for those that get hungry just thinking about math.

Though the new pope, who was in my published list of top 10 picks, was elected the day before, life continued to be crazy for me with interviews and Web updates. So I got Deanna to take the kids. They went. They like it. They were impressed. They had fun. They learned a few things. Teischan got to do some of the Grade 6 puzzles. She was thrilled. It was good. Kudos, Barnstead.

On the other hand, in Alton, Deanna got told off, in public, for asking on the ‘Alton Central School’ (ACS) Facebook page whether ACS had any plans for pi day. Yes, she was chastised. Why? Because she had done it via Facebook! She was told that matters such as that need to be dealt with by telephone. How quaint. Even the pope uses Facebook and Twitter and ACS demands that you can only ask questions via the telephone. I don’t know who actually told her off. I think it was the administrator of the ACS Facebook page. I don’t use Facebook. So I don’t see this stuff. Deanna thinks it was the Principal that told her off (but it could have been the IT ‘dept.‘) — and said that she should have telephoned the person responsible for curriculum. Wow. Talk about being officious. I wouldn’t have thought that having a pi day was really a curriculum issue. But, what do I know. If it was the Principal that told Deanna off I can fully understand. She has told me off too. Yep, well and truly put me in my place. Made me squirm and suck my thumb. Well, Deanna is not happy. She is not sure why ACS has a Facebook presence if you can’t actually ask bona fide school related questions. C’est la vie. I guess the best thing in future is to send all questions in writing, in triplicate, to the Superintendent, by certified mail. Will do.

But, back to BES. Here are some pictures that Deanna took.

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