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IBM To Buy Weather Channel Assets — Ah? Did Watson Come Up With This OR Was It Boy Dylan?

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access Bloomberg original. Google for more.

This DOES NOT make sense.

This sounds REALLY dumb.

Of all the things that IBM could have gainfully spent its money on — weather forecasting ‘technology’? Somebody has a screw loose.

YES, I am huge believer in Watson.

IF this acquisition is to HELP Watson did IBM executives ask Watson what he thought about it (and let’s not even go there, since ‘Watson’ is named after the Watsons he has to be MALE)?

I get a feeling that rather than ask Watson they asked Bob Dylan — Watson’s new spokesman.

This does NOT make me happy. This actually makes me livid.

As an ex-IBMer, who managed to make a modest living for nearly 40 years on my knowledge of all things IBM, I still bleed blue when cut. IF you don’t understand that expression, YOU should not be dabbling in anyway with IBM, once “Big Blue” — now “Middling Blue“.


IBM. Funny this. I actually made a comment on IBM mainframes on Facebook yesterday and a few people like it.