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Got A ‘Triple-Head’ Sonic Electric Toothbrush For Christmas — But Didn’t Like It!

by Anura Guruge

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I am a great believer (and early adopter) of ultrasonic electric toothbrushes. We have been using them for at least the last 6 – 7 years. However, every other Christmas, if not every Christmas, I get us a new one — as a family Christmas present. Technology keeps on improving (I hope) and I am sure the ‘innards’ (and thus the ability to vibrate) wear out over a year.

For the last 4 to 5 months I kept on seeing Ads (many of my Facebook timeline) for these triple-headed toothbrushes. I could see the logic behind them. Brush all three surfaces in one go without having to do each side separately. So, I got one (shown above) for Christmas.

We charged it on Christmas day and started using it the next.

It sure works. The head goes all the way around your teeth. No question about that. So, it does what it promises.

But, the heads, by necessity, are BIG. Big to the point of being uncomfortable and unweidly. The latter was what bothered me the most. It was real tricky to move the head around your mouth. I would keep on knocking the hard plastic against my front teeth. That did not make me happy. I like to take real good care of my (old) teeth and banging a vibrating brush on them did not fit in with my regime of looking after my teeth.

Plus, I noticed I was doing something CRAZY. Despite us having an electric toothbrush we both keep an old-fashioned, straight, non-electrical one (i.e., manual) handy as well. Well, I was using the manual one after EACH use of the triple-head just to feel that I had done a complete cleaning. That was crazy. I was brushing my teeth TWICE — each time. Not good.

So, I ‘got rid’ of the Triple-Head with 48-hours. SMILE. Can’t tell you how. SMILE.

But, bottom line. We didn’t like it. Not to say it doesn’t work. It works, or at least appears to. Just BIG and not for us. Sorry.

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by Anura Guruge

My BIG, Very BIG — 471-Page — THINK Book — Now Available, Worldwide.

by Anura Guruge

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Link to Amazon LISTING for this BIG boy.

The family. The BIG book differs from the other two in that it contains 365 sample answers. That is what makes it SO big.

So, for those that have made fun of me that my book are are on a diet, and keep on getting skinnier and skinnier.

Well I fixed that with this book. A full 471-pages long and we are talking good size 7″x10″ pages (and not ones that are small).

Took me 18-months to write and proof it. The longest I have worked on a book — ever!

Yes, I wrote it BEFORE my other two THINK books, BUT the proofing was a bitch. So, I spun the other two out and continued labouring on the BIG book.

Well, it is out. A true labor of love.

Check it out. I will arrange for FREE eBook downloads after Easter.

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by Anura Guruge


Sri Lanka Product Delivery Whiz ‘Kapruka’ Starts Fledgling U.S. Delivery Service.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access ‘lockbox.com’.

I have been urging Kapruka, who I have used, very successfully for over 14 years, to start this for years. So I am glad. Very early. Very limited products and I appreciate that they can’t offer the fancy Sri Lankan cakes, in the U.S., at reasonable prices. But a good start.

My Sinhalese is still good enough for me to know that ‘lokubox’ means ‘Big Box’ — ‘Loku’ being ‘big’ (as I know from ‘Loku Amma’ as in ‘big mother’ to refer to elder aunties, i.e., mother’s older, or oldest, sister(s).

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by Anura Guruge