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Anthony Bourdain, THE LOSER, Had The Audacity & Hypocrisy To Criticize Hillary Clinton Just Weeks Before His Suicide.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Base story from “Fox News”. Google for plenty more.

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By then, the ex-heroin addict loser, must have known that he was going to call it quits. What a loser; committing suicide leaving behind a 11-year old daughter. See my earlier post to see why I think he was a MORON to commit suicide. My criteria is very simple. Folks like Bourdain should try walking in MY SHOES for maybe just 2 hours. They will then walk away realizing how incredibly magical their lives are. Maybe I should offer this as new kind of ‘Good Samaritan’ anti-suicide program. Come walk in my shoes for 2 hours. You will realize how good your life is compared to what some of us endure everyday — and we never consider suicide as an option.

So, that is my major gripe with bloody Bourdain. That he took the easy way out leaving behind a young daughter. To I that is rank cowardice. Plus, I, as somebody who never ever succumbed (though some of my best friends were v. heavy users), I have no great respect from drug addicts. To I, they are weak human beings. Sorry.

So, bloody Bourdain has no right to criticize Hillary Clinton. She has her faults BUT they are not a patch on his. In major contrast to him, she is a fighter. Bourdain just gave up and folded.

Well, I am not going to get into Bill Clinton. Yes, some of what Bill did was plain wrong. But, he has a good heart. And even he is a better man than Bourdain — but that is not hard to do.

Just drives me nuts that people still try to lionize bloody Bourdain. He was no hero. He was a LOSER.


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by Anura Guruge

Barbara Bush, With Danielle, At The ‘White House’, November 1992.

by Anura Guruge

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I was distressed to hear, earlier today, that former First Lady Barbara Bush (now 92) is in failing health and as opted to forgo further medical treatment. Like so many around the World, I wish her the very best.

She was quite the Lady — the epitome of one, and I think the above pictures, that hangs in our hallway, captures it all.

She was a genuine, caring human being — you can see it in those eyes.

This picture, at the White House, was taken in late November 1992 — about 2-weeks after they lost the presidential election to Bill Clinton. While, she had expressed, understandably disappointment, you can clearly see that she was not bitter or sulking. She did, however, tell Danielle, a rambunctious 3-year old at that the time, not to break anything too valuable because the they had to make sure that they handed over the House in tip-top condition.

There have, of course, been quite a few exemplary First Ladies, and Barbara Bush of course is up there among the best — and you can’t deny that irrespective of her politics.

She and Abigail Adams share an unique distinctions. They were both, Second Ladies of the United States, First Ladies and mothers of subsequent presidents. Wow. Pretty impressive.

I wish her well.

Her pictures will grace our hall and lives for as long as I am around.

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by Anura Guruge

If This Is True Shouldn’t Hillary Lock-in LGBT Vote & Have More Women Supporters?

by Anura Guruge


Click images to ENLARGE and read here. Click link below to access the U.K. “Daily Mail” original.

Click here to access the U.K. “Daily Mail” original.

This is pretty explosive even by the standards of British tabloids. To be fair, way back, when Bill was president — and there were rumors about everything to do with the two of them — I had heard that she ‘swung both ways, AC/DC (and rechargeable batteries). But this is quite the claim. But to be fair she was always supported LGBT, so nobody could accuse her of being a hypocrite. Just surprised that this hasn’t come out, with names, before. Let’s face it. Clinton detractors, staunch Republicans in particular, would have paid millions to have this exposed — while the Clintons were in the White House — with names, pictures and TV appearances. So where is the Gennifer Flowers equivalent?

‘Sally Miller’ is the lady who came up with this scoop. When I saw the picture I thought that it was Hillary from ‘x years’ ago. Wow. Bill obviously likes women who look just like his wife! I guess not a bad thing. Maybe logical.

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by Anura Guruge

Petition To Get Democratic Party Superdelegates In New Hampshire To Toe The Line Misses The Point All Together!

by Anura Guruge

Check my original post on New Hampshire
Democratic Party
Superdelegates for 2016 Primary.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access original.

Lot of people, many of them (tellingly) Bernie supporters, just do NOT seem to get the raison d’être as to why the Democratic Party (the DNC) has Superdelegates.

Delegates that honor the will of the people are the NORMAL delegates! That is already in place. These are the so called PLEDGED delegates. They reflect the will of the voters. Done. Given.

The whole point of having Superdelegates, per the DNC, is to temper the will of the voters IF proven, professional democrats — many of whom have won elections — believe that the will of the voters may not be to the best strategic interest of the Party.

Simple as that.

Plus why single out New Hampshire. There are Superdelegates in every State. There were Superdelegates in Iowa.

Plus why should folks from outside of New Hampshire have any say in our Superdelegates.

Here is something that will get the Bernie folks riled. Bill Clinton is a Superdelegate in New York State! Guess who will get his vote.

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by Anura Guruge

Obama Nominating An Indian To Replace Antonin Scalia In The Supreme Court Not A Good Idea This Election Year.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and admire here.

Click here to access the Reuters original.

I don’t really have to spell this out, do I? Talk about backing up an oil tanker and pumping high-octane gas (petrol) onto the fires already engulfing this election year politics.

It was one thing to have a black president — though he is AS WHITE as he is black. Another to get one’s head around a 49-year old Indian who could grace the Supreme Court for 30 years.

It would be way too provocative. Inflammatory. Yes, I know that we have a Republican Indian (actually a Sikh married to an ‘American’) Governor, an ex-governor and that Microsoft is now headed by an Indian. But none of that is THE Supreme Court.

So Obama really needs to think this through very carefully and get counsel from Bill Clinton (who as an instinctive touch on these things, though he did get it wrong when it came to Obama).

So I am just putting it out here because as a man of color, I can. Think about it. Not a good idea. That is my only point. 

by Anura Guruge

“Capitol Steps”, Satire To Music, In Wolfeboro, NH, Friday, August 28, 2015: Hilarious & Exceptionally Clever.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Attribution will be enforced with gusto. 

They, the five extremely gifted and versatile members from ‘Capitol Steps‘, were rip-roaringly, sidesplittingly funny. Extremely clever too. It was sophisticated, highbrow witticism — and a well-heeled, mature Lakes Region audience (and there were folks from as far away as Laconia) loved it. There was no resort to crudity or gutter-humor. It was all top-notch, equal-opportunity, no-sacred-cows lampooning. That it was done, by and large, with new words to well known musical classics — such as ‘The Boxer’, ‘Let It Be’, ‘Hotel California’ — made it even more special and easy on the ear. The jokes were true gems and I wish I had had the foresight to have taken notes.

“Obama” saying that one of his concerns about taking out Basher al-Assad in Syria was his fear that his brother Jeb al-Assad will step into the breach. Cracked me up. Bill Clinton shrugging his shoulders as to whether he was implicated by the ‘Ashley Madison‘ security breach had to be seen to be fully appreciated and I could relate to Bill saying that he didn’t have Hillary’s e-mail because he never asked her for hers incase she asked him for his. George W. Shrub talking to Obama about gay marriage and saying that he thinks it will please the BLT community was so close to the mark that it was scary. You could see the Shrub doing that.

Pope Francis singing “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” was SUBLIME though I am sure 90% of the audience did not know of the Pope’s “dark days” in Argentina which is what really made this poignant. I actually talked about Francis’ “dark days” in Argentina in my latest book — about Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. in September 2015 — since he will come across a reminder of these days when he is in D.C.

The sequence shown here of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio protecting the border against NATIVE Americans was both funny, thought provoking and unsettling.


Though it was predominantly political humor they parodied others too. Tim Cook of Apple bemoaned that the Apple watch did everything BUT tell the time. Loved that, though I am, of course, an Apple shareholder. They also lampooned Bob Dylan and Deanna, who has never liked him (probably because she was too young to have savored him in his prime), loved it. It always upsets me when people make fun of Dylan — who I was lucky enough to see, about 10 years ago, from the 2nd row, at Gilford. I am a huge Dylan fan.

The scene of Mitch McConnell and a laid back, slovenly attired Harry Reid getting married to boost the popularity of Congress was worthy of Seinfeld.

All in all it was a BLAST. The audience just lapped it up. Our largest audience of the year! The huge, 800-seat Kingswood Performance Center auditorium was nearly full. I, for the first time ever, had to sit on the ‘floor’! But it was worth it.




They finished off the show, which was well over two hours long, with their inspired take — to Billy Joel’s iconic “We Didn’t Start The Fire” — but with THEIR take on the 33 years of THEIR existence (as opposed to Billy Joel’s take on the key hundred events of 1949 to 1989). It was GOOD. It was GREAT. It was VERY CLEVER. OK, I will be honest. It wasn’t as good as the version by the Sky Sports cricket commentators, but it was close — and the Sky version had multiple singers and was masterfully edited and produced.

The “Capitol Steps” version, as was to be expected made much of Monica Lewinsky’s Blue Dress. I loved that part, so much so that after the show I had to go and take this picture of the dress. But, MY Monica joke, in my opinion, still stands tall.


Blizzards Biggest Fallout: A Possible Recession!


Anura Guruge

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Hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw all the business closed in Providence and Boston today. Many also closed early yesterday. There won’t be much foot traffic in Boston tomorrow — the 1st (non-parade) Sunday of Chinese New Year.

This blizzard will have a negative impact on 1Q GDP.

Last quarters GDP was negative, though barely. But, it was negative — and Hurricane Sandy was responsible for some.

Definition of a recession: two back-to-back quarters of negative GDP.

1Q GDP was tenuous to begin with thanks to all of the continued mindless political wranglings in D.C. — and you know who I blame for much of that.

A recession is really but a technical indicator and by the time we are told that we are in a recession it could very well be in the rear-view mirror. Remember the definition: two negative back-to-back quarters of GDP. So by design it is a trailing indicator. We will only find out about 1Q GDP in 2Q. 2Q, thanks to President Obama, could be blowout. End of recession.

The President doesn’t have to worry about re-election and I already feel confident that Hillary will easily win 2016. I can’t believe I am saying that. In 2008 I detested her. I was never a Clinton fan during their Presidency. I spent so much time circulating Clinton jokes, so, so many about cigars and that blue dress, in the mid-1990s. I was even compiling a dossier on Hillary’s alleged dalliances. Remember that guy who shot himself in a park? Well that was then, and this is now. I started to warm up to her once she started embracing my man. She did a bang up job as Secretary of State. She made Obama proud. I have come to like and even admire Bill! I really have changed my stripes. This is why those that knew me in the 1990s are beside themselves as to my 180° change in political leanings. Since they are all conservatives, as was I, they don;t really like me much anymore. Some are holding out hope that I will see the light and change stripes again.

So a quick, passing recession precipitated by Nemo will not have any political ramifications. We might get a 400 point one-day drop in the Dow. That too will pass.

But, just keep an eye on this potential recession — and remember where you first read about it.

Al Gore Told The Truth When He Said That He & Bill Clinton Found Only 50 Web Pages On The Web In January 1993!


Anura Guruge

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Al Gore at the Concord, NH ‘BAM’ book signing on Wednesday, February 6, 2013. Click to ENLARGE.

I am GLAD. Though there are things that I do not agree with him about, in particular ‘global warming‘, and I detest his hypocrisy and blatant pimping to the almighty dollar, I don’t dislike him!

So, I really did NOT want to take him to task for making another ‘I invented the Internet‘ remark.

In Concord, on Wednesday, at his book signing, he made this statement: ‘When Bill Clinton and I got to the White House we checked the Web and found that there were only 50 Web pages‘.

There was no reaction from the audience. I was not in a position to comment.

I was a very late adopter of the Web. I was Mr. SNA and the Web was SNA’s direct enemy. I was busy making money with SNA-related initiatives.

I think I only started using the Web, intermittently at that, in 1996. To make it worse, in those days I was a rabid Mac user. Didn’t have a PC and bad mouthed Windows like there was no tomorrow. Getting a Web browser for Macs was NOT EASY. You had to buy Navigator, in a white box — for what I think was $79.99. Then there were all sorts of tweaks you had to do to get it to run properly. That wasn’t a problem. I used to be a Mac expert. Navigator for Macs also was notoriously flaky! But, I had learned, by trial and error, all the tricks. If you kept the cursor in certain places … Navigator would not hang! I kid you not. I cannot remember the exact scenarios, but I do remember that you had to make sure that the cursor was underneath (but not in) the address bar trench when you started some operation. If not, Navigator would hang.

Last night I did some quick checking. I couldn’t get a good number for 1992 and 1993. Today I found that there were 623 Web pages at the END of 1993 — but remember 1993 of the pivotal year when Mosaic, the first graphical Web browser, came online. So that would have precipitated the growth of many Web sites. Then today I found this. Not sure how accurate it is, but it says 50. Never sure whether they got it from Al or Al got it from them. But …

We Met Michael Dukakis In Laconia, NH, Today.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Michael Dukakis

Michael Dukakis will be 79 in a few weeks; dob: Nov. 3, 1933. He still looks good. Hair is a bit thinner than when he ran for president. Very alert. Very articulate. Very avuncular. Very impressive. Makes you proud to be associated with the Democrats. Picture from “L.A. Time” (with thanks).

This was indeed serendipitous. I had no idea that Mike Dukakis, the Presidential Contender in 1998, and the longest serving Governor in Massachusetts history, was going to be in Laconia, NH, today. I was under the impression he had moved to Hawaii. [I asked him about that. I said: ‘I thought you had moved to Hawaii‘. He gave me the scoop. ‘I was just there for one semester. I came back after that.‘ So, I wasn’t totally off base. I had at least remembered that he had gone to Hawaii.]

After my two short stints making phone calls Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, the Obama office in Laconia had called up Friday wanting to know when I planned to show up over the weekend to go door-to-door. They never mentioned anything about Dukakis being there Sunday. It could have been a security thing. With our intent to go to the Sandwich Fair I wasn’t sure when I would make it to Laconia but promised I would put some hours in before Tuesday. This morning, with the weather looking good, I decided I will go and do my shift this afternoon, after I had gone for my run. So, as I was getting ready to go running, around noon, I called up the office to say I will be thee at 2pm. My contact there, Derek, said I should come at 1 instead, as Dukakis would be there to rally the troops. So a quick change of plan. Scrapped the run. Jumped in the shower instead. We managed to leave the house around 12:40. I grabbed two boxes of Lindt chocolate for the troops and Mr. Dukakis.

We got to the Obama office in Laconia by 1:15. It is a small office; 1/4 the size of the nice office we had in 2008. There wasn’t many people there to listen to the former governor. Maybe, at most, 25. But, that was OK. He was shorther than I expected. Deanna reckons that he must have been 5′ 6″. His fair was thinner. But, he looked good. Looked very good. He spoke quietly, without much animation, but it was heartfelt, easy to follow and clearly enunciated. It was a good speech. He spoke about the need for, and a person’s right to, good, affordable healthcare. He, like me, pointed out how so many people just don’t understand the healthcare issue. He, at 78, was on Medicare and got the older folks present to admit that it was a wonderful system. He pointed how Paul Ryan’s austerity program for the U.S. was aimed at making the U.S. be like Greece today. Hear. Hear. He highlighted how government austerity was not the right path for this country. He, obviously, knows Romney. He stressed how unpopular Romney is in Massachusetts; Romney expected to lose his home state to Obama by 30%. He stressed how well Massachusetts is now doing under Deval Patrick compared to when Romney was governor. He talked about how  ‘Private Equity’ company à la Romney’s BAIN Capital had a fiduciary responsibility to make money for their shareholders as opposed to ensuring job growth or job security. It was a good, rousing speech to warm the cockles of any Democrat.

He cracked a few jokes, mainly about Bill Clinton’s meandering nomination speech at his 1988 DNC convention, contrasting it with Bill’s amazing performance this year. He wanted to know why Bill didn’t make such a speech in 1988. He also then had this. According to Mike, Bill Clinton was asked by a morning TV show, in 1992, as to why he was running for President, to have Bill respond: ‘So I can finish the Michael Dukakis nomination speech‘. That cracked me up. He took questions. I asked him about Jack Welch’s stupid, unbecoming Tweet on Friday accusing the administration of cooking the 7.8% unemployment number. Mr. Dukakis agreed that it was totally uncalled for and defied logical explanation.

We all got to meet with him and shake hands. He was very pleasant. Made a point of getting the names of the kids right. Teischan offered him a chocolate and he took one after asking her to recommend which one he picked. It was impressive. I am glad we made the effort to go see him. Made my day. Good for the kids. The most important person that they have met so far (though there grandfather might argue otherwise).

Inspired by Mr. Dukakis ‘we’ went and covered about 40 houses in Gilford; shades of 2008 for me, because I also did Gilford that time.