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CNN Series: “Pope” Episode 1 — Egregious Errors & Omissions.

by Anura Guruge

Now that the gripping 2nd South Africa v Australia Test Match is over, I finally got to finish watching Episode 1 of the CNN “Pope” series tonight.

I was shocked at some fairly basic stuff they got wrong — dead wrong. There was a lot of FAKE NEWS.

I am pressed for time, and it is 1:07am in the morning, so I am going to make this pithy. So, here are the MAJOR, most egregious errors and omissions that infuriated I.

  1. The claim that St. Peter was the 1st pope is without basis and I already discussed that (in this post).
  2. Claims that the supremacy of the “Bishop of Rome” (i.e., the Pope) was immediately recognized and respected by the other bishops because Rome was the capital of the Empire. Not so, by a long chalk. It took many centuries and much contention before this came to pass. To say that was BAD. Very bad.
  3.  Claimed that Constantine the Great was the 1st Christian emperor. Not so in reality. Constantine, though he made Christianity an official religion, did NOT become a Christian, i.e., get baptized, until he was in his deathbed! So. yes he was the 1st Christian emperor, but he never ruled as such since he died within hours of becoming a Christian.
  4. Misrepresents how the term ‘pope’ — meaning ‘father’ in Greek came to be used. Nearly all senior monks in the first few centuries CE were called ‘father’.
  5. Claims that the bishops that attended the ‘First Council of Nicea‘ created the framework for what would become the College of Cardinals! Hogwash. Fake News. The College of Cardinals came much, much, much later and the cardinals, to begin with, were very Rome-centric. Nothing, whatsoever, to do with the ‘First Council of Nicea’. That was BAD. Very BAD.
  6. No mention, whatsoever, of St. Paul and that Rome was a TWO Apostle city.

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by Anura Guruge

Holy See Flag To Fly At United Nations (UN), New York, For The First Time, Friday, For Pope Francis Visit.

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by Anura Guruge

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This excerpt from my ‘Pope Visit to US‘ book sets the stage …
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Not having the Holy See flag flying in UN Plaza had to do with the Holy See NOT being a Member State. [See above] But, they are now making an exception. The other Permanent Observer to the UN, at present, is Palestine. Wonder whether they will request that their flag is flown too — and the UN, most likely, will have to accede to that request to be fair.

In case you are wondering why it is the ‘Holy See’ as opposed to the ‘Vatican City State’ that is represented at the UN it has ALL to do with HISTORY and politics.

The ‘Holy See’ — a ‘see’ being the office & diocese of a bishop — refers to the Bishopric of Rome; the pope’s most important title being that of the ‘Bishop of Rome‘. The Holy See thus predates the Vatican — as the site of a Christian church (now St. Peter’s) let alone a sovereign state — by a long chalk. The Vatican is where a Roman ‘circus’, an open-air venue for public events, used to be, even up to the time of Emperor (‘as Rome burned’) Nero [54 to 68 BCE]. The first proper Christian church to be built there, the Old St. Peter’s, did not happen till the 4th century. Popes only started residing at the Vatican, on a permanent basis, since the 14th century. It only became a sovereign state in 1929. So that is the FIRST reason why it is the Holy See that conducts diplomatic relations as opposed to the ‘Vatican’. The Holy See was actively involved in International diplomacy prior to the Vatican coming to be.

The next reason is that the Holy See, said to be founded (somewhat uniquely) by two Apostles, is considered to be the seat of power for the entire Catholic Church. So by saying ‘Holy See’ the Vatican is showing that it is representing all the Catholics worldwide as opposed to just a City State. Is that clear? Yes, it can be confusing. But hope this helps.

Pope Francis’ Plans To Change The Date For Easter Could Have Many Christians Up In Arms.

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by Anura Guruge

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This is HUGE.

This is even bigger than if he issued an edict accepting gay marriage (something he will never do).

It is on a par with if he permitted female Catholic priests. The only thing that could be BIGGER is if he totally abolished all restrictions, sans caveat, on birth control and abortion.

Yes, it is THAT BIG!

The date when Easter Sunday will be celebrated is something that tore the Church apart — Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter her a different ‘formula’ based on a different calendar. Agreeing on a common date for Easter as been a hitherto irreconcilable difference for over 700 years. Yes, 700 years. We are talking a big deal here.

Yes, agreeing on a common date for Easter would go a long way towards healing the schism between West and East Christianity — Western and the Orthodox.

Trying to work out the date for Easter goes back to the 2nd century. This is big potatoes. The calendar that we now use, the Gregorian Calendar, named after Pope Gregory XIII (#227) [1572 – 1585], came to be because the Church did not like Easter coming around when there was still snow on the ground in Europe. Easter was meant to fall in Spring.

Agreeing on a date for Easter across all Christian geographies in the 2nd century was a pivotal factor that led to the establishment of the Papacy! Prior to that all Bishops had equal standing including the Bishop of Rome (now the Pope). But in the 2nd century, given Rome’s historic standing as the epicenter of the Roman empire other Bishops, including those from the East, approached him to arbitrate the Easter date issue. Bishops of Rome grasped on that to say that this gave them primacy. Easter was discussed and mandated upon at the very first Ecumenical Council, that of Nicaea in 325. We even had a major controversy with a lovely sounding name Quartodecimanism (Latin for the 14th day).

So IF the pope can get ALL Christians, East & West, to standardize on a common date for Easter Sunday it would be HUGE.

It will make this pope a legend in history. He will surpass John XXIII (#262), John Paul II (#265), Pius X (#258).

This is HUGE.

But it will all depend on what the reconciliation is.

IF the Orthodox agree to adopt the Western date without any caveats it would be HUGE.

There will be dancing on the streets.

There will be calls to Saint the Pope even as he is alive.

But if any concessions are given to the Orthodox all hell will break lose.

Protestants will take umbrage to the Pope messing with THEIR Easter.

Even Catholics would balk.

So heads up. This makes the Pope’s climate control encyclical look trivial.