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The Tragic Kansas “Swatting” Shooting — Where Was 911 “Caller ID”?

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. From CNN. Google “swatting” for CNN article & MUCH more.

This is so sad and tragic. What a shame. An innocent life lost — and he was UNARMED. It is NO consolation, but it is an huge indictment on current society, that some of us are just ‘relieved’ that he wasn’t black … because that would just make matters worse. A shame. A shame.

I, however, have had a nagging question from the moment I managed to work out what happened and UNDERSTOOD that it was a FAKE CALL.

What happened to CALLER ID?

Caller ID is the first thing that pops up, at the ‘Emergency Center‘, when you make a 911 call.

Did Caller Id indicate it was a California number? If so it is possible that they assumed that it might have been a cell phone.

Wouldn’t they — shouldn’t they — have been a bit more cautious IF it was an out-of-state Caller ID or if Caller ID had been blocked?

I have NOT heard anybody address this.

I really would like to hear what attention was paid to the Caller ID.

Wouldn’t you.

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by Anura Guruge