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After A Long Hiatus Some Well Earned PRAISE For GoDaddy!

by Anura Guruge

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GoDaddy & I go back a long time, a very long time — 22-years or more.

GoDaddy of OLD was a GREAT, incredibly customer-focused company. GoDaddy & I, in the 1990s, grew up together when it came to the Web. We were both new and we learned together. — helping each other. I kid you not. I started using their Web hosting with Microsoft ‘FrontPage‘ and, truth be told, they didn’t have that many folks using ‘FrontPage’ at the time. There were issues BUT they worked with I to resolve them. Their support was outstanding. They had a group called the ‘Tiger Team’ that tackled the more complex problems. I dealt with them often. Yes, I had issues but GoDaddy always came through.

I was a HUGE fan and endorser of GoDaddy — with reason.

In 2013, the day Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation my ‘popes-and-papacyWordPress Website, hosted at GoDaddy, got 160,000 hits in like 4-hours. It was NOT hosted for that level of traffic. Somebody from the GoDaddy CEO’s office stepped in, unasked, and took over ‘provisioning’ my Website. He made sure that my Website wuld cope with the spike without going down. As I said, he did this without me asking! That was support.

Then came bloody Blake Bloody Irving. He ruined GoDaddy! There is no other way to say it bluntly.

GoDaddy became customer hostile.

I moved all of my Web hosting away from GoDaddy.

Just kept my OLD domain registrations and e-mails at GoDaddy.

And then LAST WEEK!

My e-mail (i.e., anu@wownh.com) has been hosted at GoDaddy for over 20-years. It gets renewed in late December. I am used to that. Over 20-years you get into the routine.

However, in 2017, I transitioned my e-mail, still at GoDaddy, to the Microsoft ‘Office 365 Professional’ e-mail and paid $400+ for that transfer (which they, to their credit, handled very well).

Well, early December I get the usual e-mail from GoDaddy saying my $119 AUTO-RENEWAL will be activated on December 28. I have e-mail, I have been paying this for years, so I just let it go.

But, just ahead of Christmas I had a few minutes to spare and thought I should check my GoDaddy account — which I no longer check that often.

I did.

I noticed I had TWO e-mails — a new one and an OLD and the $119/year was for my old. Hhmmm!


Called support. IT WAS AN ERROR. They had NOT closed down my old.

They cancelled and that took out the AUTO RENEW.

But, I had paid $119 in 2017 & 2018 though I was NOT using the old e-mail.

It took a few e-mails and a second phone call, BUT GoDaddy, to their credit, refunded both amounts, on the FLY. They refunds were hitting PayPal while I was still on the phone.

I was impressed. I was pleased.

And I wanted to share that with you.

They did GOOD and I am happy to say so.

Happy New Year.

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by Anura Guruge

Blake Irving, The Absolute Bloody Bane Of GoDaddy, Is Leaving — GRBR, Good Riddance Of Bad Rubbish!

by Anura Guruge

From ‘Market Watch’ at marketwatch.com (and search on GDDY). Click to ENLARGE and read here.

I was complaining about Blake ‘bloody’ Irving 3.5 years ago. Click image to access my post on this blog.

Blake Irving DESTROYED GoDaddy for its loyal customers such as I.

Blake Irving set out to ruthlessly rape the GoDaddy customer base so as to make his sacrosanct numbers look good. Under Blake Irving GoDaddy lied to and cheated us, the customers — took away products we previously had, reneged on offers we had previously accepted.

Blake Irving decimated GoDaddy’s once legendary Customer Support.

Blake Irving treated GoDaddy’s customer base as if we were DIRT.

Blake Irving should have been fired a long time ago because he was a curse on GoDaddy.

How GoDaddy founder, ex-Marine Bob Parsons put up with Blake Irving for this long is a mystery.

Bob Parsons was THE MAN. During his time GoDaddy was such a joy to work with. Blake Irving destroyed all of that. Blake Irving was a plague on GoDaddy.

I became a GoDaddy customer in 1998 or 1999. So, I have been with them a long time. I knew them well. There was a time I had over 30 GoDaddy products. Right now I am migrating MY LAST Web hosting account away from them. That is how bad things have become.

I am so glad and relieved that Blake Irving is living. Though nobody is saying so I think he was pushed.

Yes, yes, yes, the GoDaddy stock has done well BUT I think that there might be elements of Wells Fargo in their numbers!

Blake Irving achieved stock price success by screwing the customers.

Investors and customers are not the same group of people.

I bet that most of the investors are NOT customers nor employees.

I doubt whether Scott Wagner will be any better.

I am surprised that Bob Parsons does not appear to have any kids who could have taken over. I would have thought he fathered a few dozen, on both sides of the sheets. C’est la vie.

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by Anura Guruge