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Chinese New Year 2017 — ‘The Year Of The Rooster’ — Saturday, January 28 (For 2 Weeks).

by Anura Guruge

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I celebrate, as some of you well know, three (3) New Year’s a Year.

One is so inadequate and boring.

So, by noon January 1 of each year I start thinking about the Chinese New Year. Yes, I celebrate that, with vigor, with the locals — in Boston’s Chinatown. Dim Sum, dragon parades, fireworks … The whole shebang and it can be quite a ‘bang’ with the fireworks.

I was surprised but delighted that it is EARLY. That is good.

The FUN in Chinatown is always on the second Sunday. So that will be February 5, 2017 — the day after Sri Lanka Independence Day.

After the Chinese, it is, alas, a bit of a wait. Till April 14th for the Sinhalese New Year. But, Easter is around then and so I am ‘OK’ by then for holidays.

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by Anura Guruge