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My Next Boat.

by Anura Guruge

my next boat Anura Guruge

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I saw this, in Alton Circle this morning, and it was lust at first sight.


I am not that partial to outboards BUT I will make an exception in this instance.

I can see and appreciate the potential.

At 300hp each — that is 1,200hp. That should SUFFICE (I think). The most I have ever driven in the water is 275hp (I think). But, I could deal with 1,200hp. No problemo.

What I really love is the redundancy. Yes, I will insist on at least one battery per outboard — with ideally two ‘in-parallel’ across all 4.

Then the ONLY thing that can go wrong is GAS and boats do have a spare tank. I know — though I, unlike others I know, have NEVER run out of gas in a boat. Never. I am stupid, but not that stupid.


This outfit is GENIUS. I take my hat off. Bravo. Kudos.

My boat.

Yep, it has been 13-years since I owned a boat! Wow. In my heyday I had 4! 4 boats — though one was a two-person ‘jet ski’.

This made my day. Nearly killed myself trying to get this picture. SMILE. But, it was worth it.

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by Anura Guruge

Two Irresistible Adult Toys From Hammacher Schlemmer — Mamod Steamroller & Remote Controlled Fishing.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access the HS product page.


Click to access the HS product page.

I get e-mails from Hammacher Schlemmer few times a week — though I am NOT a customer. I think they are working on the assumptions that one of these days I will crack. Yes, sometimes it is torture. I really would like these two toys. The remote-controlled boat would be a HOOT at our lake, Halfmoon, in the Summer.

I have seen toy working steamrollers. They are cute — though I am not sure whether they are $250 cute. I still have a steam powered Titanic I got my son Matthew 15 years ago. That was fun. You burned alcohol.

Just wanted to share these with you in case you don’t get the e-mails like I do.


Top 10 Most Viewed Unexpected Items
of 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

“Acadia National Park”, Maine — Isle au Haut.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.

by Anura Guruge

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The scenically gratifying and emotionally cleansing ‘Acadia National Park‘ (in Maine), rather than being one big park, is made up of three geographically dispersed sections. Most people think of ‘the Park’ as being the small area bounded by the famous 27-mile ‘Park Loop Drive’ on Mount Desert Island — with Cadillac Mountain in the middle and bustling Bar Harbor to the side. Well, even on ‘Mount Desert’ there is more Park than what is accessible from ‘the Loop’. And then there are the two outlying sections — Schoodic Peninsula to the east and Isle au Haut to the southwest. We did Schoodic Peninsula last September and revisited it again this June.

Isle au Haut is the most remote section of the Park and you can only get there by boat. There is a ‘Mail Boat Ferry’ from Stonington — but it is relatively expensive, i.e., $129 for the 4 of us. Isle au Haut is rugged and solitary. You can go for hours without seeing anyone else — other than lobster boats, if you are lucky, in the distance. If you like solitude, this is the place to go.

To be fair Isle au Haut is very much an option for the diehard or for those, like us, who want to be sure that they have covered everything the Park has to offer. In terms of scenic beauty what you experience on the Isle is pretty much the same as what you can see in Schoodic — and Schoodic is so much easier to get to.

But we are glad we did Isle. It was quite the adventure. 4 hours of solid hiking much of it over some strenuous terrain. We also like to go out on the water when we are at Acadia. So the trip to au Haut also took care of that, though the 75 minute trip is not as much fun as a nature cruise on Frenchman Bay. But, this is definitely something memorable. Not sure we will do it again anytime soon. The kids liked it. They will remember it. It was the Saturday of what proved to be a picture perfect Labor Day weekend. Not a cloud in the sky. Temps. in the high 70s. ‘The Loop’ as we found out on Sunday would have been packed. That was one of the reasons I chose Saturday as the day we took the ferry. At most 16 people got off at the Park dock on Isle au Haut. Once we started hiking we rarely ran into anybody else. You really have the place to yourself.

In case you are wondering it takes about 90 minutes to get to Stonington from Bar Harbor. So there is at least 3 hours of driving and 2.5 hours on the ferry. So factor that all in. 

Boat Ride On Lake Winnipesaukee (NH), Alton – Wolfeboro, Glorious Fall Foliage Day, September 30, 2013.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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We are no strangers to Lake Winnipesaukee. When we lived waterfront on the lake we should to go out, by boat (or jet ski), quite a bit.

When I was a part of “Waiters on Water“, where we delivered take-out food to the Islands and moored boats on Lake Winnipesaukee, by boat or jet ski, I used to be on the water, every day during the Summer, sometimes multiple times a day.

Though I swim in the Big Lake (i.e., Winnipesaukee) without fail every year, off the Alton public dock, this was the first time we have been on the lake in a boat since we moved to Alton in 2007.

A local marina owner in Alton, an Alton famous fixture, invited us for a boat ride in his amazing, 1967 wooden Lyman. I used to be his customer 1993 – 1997. That was two decades ago.

Today, the day before the government shutdown, weatherwise on the Lake, was picture perfect: warm, sunny, calm as it gets and hardly any boat traffic. We actually didn’t see any boats in Alton Bay per se. That is pretty amazing. Not good, however. Boat traffic on this lake has plummeted noticeably over the last decade. These days I repeatedly hear that our mandatory ‘Boating Certificate‘ (I call it the boat license) is a factor. I can believe that. I don’t have one. 2007 was when I needed to get one. I wasn’t boating that year so I didn’t get it. Haven’t bothered since. Might get it, or TRY to get it, next year. Something I learned today: ONLY NH and Louisiana have such mandatory boating certification — and LA does not require that you sit a test! So the ‘Live Free, Or Die‘ state is the only one that requires boaters to pass a test. Seems wrong, especially in terms of the ‘Live Free’ — THOUGH I fully understand that this is to stop people killing others. Anyhow …

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