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Bob Marley Died This Day 36 Years Ago — On May 11, 1981.

by Anura Guruge

This video, from 1979 is WORTH watching.

I remember Marley in 1979.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Marley

Not sure how many people realize that he died from CANCER — which he refused to have properly treated, partly due to his Rastafarian beliefs.

Great shame. He was only 36.

I liked him and still like his music.

We should spend a second today giving thanks to ‘Bob’.

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by Anura Guruge

Jonathan Edwards Was Exhilarating & Marina Evans Mellifluous At Wolfeboro, NH, July 15, 2015 For “Great Waters”

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Attribution will be enforced with gusto. 

Jonathan Edwards absolutely galvanized a very appreciative crowd of around 230 folk, at Wolfeboro’s Anderson Hall, for ‘Great Waters‘, on Saturday, July 25, 2015. What an exceptional entertainer and performer — and he can sing too. He, at times, had me mesmerized and that takes some doing these days. I had heard, more than once, over the last 10 months, that ‘Jonathan Edwards’ was GOOD, v. good. Well he sure was. I felt very privileged to have been at this concert (and the fact that, as a stagehand, I got to interact with him and his delightful band on stage and backstage was an added bonus). I know that HE was the first act that “Great Waters” booked for 2015 — nearly a year ago. I gather he had played for them 5 years ago and had been a smash hit. Well he was a smash hit all over again. I am a fan. Gather he spent 10 years of his life, his ‘lost decade’, in the Caribbean before moving to Austin (which he did not realize was in Texas). He sure knows a lot of folks and the names he dropped were but a “who’s who” of the music scene over the last 40 years. Not 100% sure whether he actually played with Bob Marley but he implied he played a lot of Marley while he was in the “West Indies” (as we Brits like to call it). Well he did one Marley song. And this dude, with a white goatee, and mainly ‘light’ hair, from Maine (I gather), doing Marley gave me goose bumps! He is good. Did I already say that.

Man, have we lucked out with “Great Waters” this year. “Aztec, Two-Step“, when we still had 10′ of snow on the ground, was brilliant. “Devonsquare“, soon afterwards, with snow still on the ground”, was as good. Then we had the inimitable John Gorka & Cliff Eberhardt. I was pretty sure that they could not be beat in 2015. I, yet again, was wrong and that bothers me none. Jonathan Edwards was a revelation. As with ALL of them, ‘Gorka’, ‘Cliff’, ‘Aztec’, I had never heard of him till “Great Waters”. I think that has to do with me being in Britain in the 1970s and half of 1980. My folk heroes were British: Steeleye SpanLindesfarne in the main — and I would go to multiple concerts, by each, every year.

And then we had a BONUS. Marina Evans from Massachusetts. She did an “Alison Krausseque” 30-minute opening gig for Jonathan (and Deanna and I have met Alison, in NH, in her PJs, and I kid you not). She is good. Very compelling and will make you tap your feet whether you want to or not. She was a revelation. I thought she came with Jonathan. Appears that that was not the case. It was the first time that they had met. So it would appear “Great Waters” arranged this inspired pairing. I am sure she will be back with “Great Waters”, with her own show, in the next few years. She definitely gathered quite a fan base at the concert. Her CDs were flying off the merchandise table.

So that was that. What a night. Jonathan, not heeding his wife’s ‘advice’ to keep it short, played for nearly two hours. So the concert didn’t finish till past 10pm. I would have been happy if he played for another 2 hours. He was that good. So we didn’t get away till about 11 pm though Jonathan’s band, to their credit, took care of all their equipment, and they had a fair amount.

Thank YOU, Mr. Edwards. Thank YOU, Marina (and I won’t call her Miss. Evans since I have a daughter older than her).

Jonathan’s extremely talented and fun band.

Jonathan sings barefoot and has a cute dog off stage.
His multifaceted drummer, who also plays guitar from behind the drums,
plays barefoot too — and MOREOVER plays a MARACA with his foot!
Given that I too get accused of having ‘monkey toes’ in that I can pickup
and use things with my toes, I found this very much to my liking.

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl XLVII ‘Jamaican’ Ad. Is Racist! What I Expect From German Car Makers.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'The Washington Times' article and video. Video also available on YouTube.

Click to access ‘The Washington Times’ article and video. Video also available on YouTube.

Yes, I know. So many don’t even know about the Berlin 1936 Olympics and the snubbing of U.S. hero Jesse Owens.

I vowed never to buy a German car in 1982 after my first visit to Liverpool, England. You could still see empty blocks from the German bombing 40 years earlier. I have been steadfast. I have never bought one and will openly criticize those that do. Right now there are plenty of U.S., Korean or British alternatives. The new Buicks, Fords, Chryslers and Lincolns look much more compelling to me than a bloody German car. If you want high-end, go Cadillac or Jag. Buy Italian. They were always harmless. They never bombed anyone other than themselves.

This ad. just confirms what I have always known. And I won’t even talk about the time when a bloody German tourist, just jumped into my moored boat at Meredith harbor to get a picture. I treated him to a verbal diatribe, without once using a swear word, that had all those standing on the dock shocked. He ran.

This ad is offensive. Jamaicans rock. Usain Bolt is Jamican. Bob Marley is Jamaican. Michael Holding is Jamican. This ad is pure German.

Do you know that story: ‘No, no maan. My tattoo doesn’t say “Wendy”. You crazy, maan? Mine says: “Welcome to Jamaica and have a nice day”‘.

You do know that story, right? The man from Chicago that has his new wife’s name, ‘Wendy‘, tattooed onto his pecker before going on their honeymoon to Jamaican clothing optional resort and meeting a Jamaican who also had ‘Wy‘ showing on his flaccid pecker. Well, that is the keyword when it comes to German cars: flaccid. [P.S., My father, or more to the point his wife owns a Mercedes, and I tell my father off about that. But, my father isn’t British and he, having grown up under British rule of Ceylon, isn’t (to my amusement), that fond of the British — though my mother, an anglophile, insisted that I had a full British upbringing, cocooned in British books and culture.]

Our Next Event At Dartmouth: ‘World Music Percussion Ensemble’ At The Hopkins In February 22, 2013.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


..by Anura Guruge

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Watch, with glee, the 2010 equivalent of this event, at Dartmouth, under the guidance of the SAME Director. Click to access the YouTube video.

Watch, with glee, the 2010 equivalent of this event, at Dartmouth, under the guidance of the SAME Director. Click to access the YouTube video.

Professor Hafiz Shabazz, Dartmouth Dept. of Music, who is directing the February ensemble on 'Afrobeat'. Click for YouTube video.

Professor Hafiz Shabazz, Dartmouth Dept. of Music, who is directing the February ensemble on ‘Afrobeat’. Click for YouTube video.

Christmas Revels‘, though a perennial favorite, is not the only show that has had me in jaw dropping awe at the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth.

In 1998 or 1999, I went to see ‘Gypsy Road: Musical Migration India to Spain‘ at the Hop. It was my first time to Dartmouth, i.e., Hanover or Lebanon, ever! It was love at first sight. It was a Sunday late afternoon performance. As I drove by the Hop looking for a place to park I saw three Indian musicians, from the show, dressed in white, sitting on a bench playing sitars. Surreal, but captured what the Hop is all about. Holistic entertainment: not restricted just to the stage. The show was outstanding. My feet tapped the whole time. I rushed off during intermission and bought the CD. I still have a copy of it, though not the original. At one stage I had three copies: one for the car, one for the house and one for my PC. From then on I associate great percussion music in NH with the Hop.

This World Percussion Ensemble, knowing Dartmouth and their lofty standards, should be world class. I can already feel it. It surely will hop. A bit of the Caribbean in NH in the darkest days of Winter. Having lived in NH since 1986 I have come to realize that ‘February’ is the coldest month of Winter. I am so glad that it is also, per the calendar, the shortest. This drum fest, as does Revels, should help us get over the hump and look forward to the glory days of Summer. So we will be there. Yes, I already have the tickets, though I don’t think they are front-row as was the case with Revels.

Gordon, another that always brought sunshine to my life.

The Hop description promises: ‘music of reggae pioneers Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley, soca dance music from Trinidad, plus rumba, merengue and more …‘. Wow. I grew up with Marley. Plus, given my life long addiction to cricket, I have a spiritual connection with the Caribbean; my only son having the middle name ‘Gordon’ in honor of Barbadian test cricketer Cuthbert Gordon Greenidge, MBE.

Tickets are still available, though I have to think that they must be going fast. So, if I were you I wouldn’t wait too long. Make it a Christmas present.

Supposed Barnstead, NH, Rastafarian Acquitted Of Drug Charges On ‘Freedom Of Religion’ Among Other Things!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click for Boston ‘CBS’ coverage …

To read article in the Sept. 20, 2012 ‘Baysider’ newspaper — our friendly local weekly.

This story, that I encountered yesterday afternoon raised a number of issues in my mind:

1/ I first saw it in Boston CraigsList ‘Rants & Raves’ as a ‘derogatory’ post making fun of the strange, country bumpkins in the ‘Live Free Or Die‘ State to the North. [to be fair to the poster this story does make us look a bit weird.]

2/ I knew of this story as the ‘surveillance’ from air case since that was the angle most reported in the past about this case.

3/ Again confirms what I have come to realize over the last few years; Mark Sisti, the criminal attorney from Concord, is beyond genius. He rocks. Wow. Another improbable victory for him. He should be a TV lawyer. Amazing, just amazing. You know he looks like a hippie … but gosh, he is brilliant. I know a fairly prominent, very opinionated NH injury lawyer who grudgingly admitted that Sisti was ‘something else’. He sure is.

4/ How did this ‘poor looking’ Rasta get the money to hire Sisti — and I have heard that he, quite rightly given his skills, is not cheap? Was he selling produce to pay for his priceless defense?

5/ We now have a new law in NH, that made its debut at this trial, ‘Jury Nullification‘. John Lynch, who rarely if ever puts a foot wrong, has signed it into law. Yes, Sisti really is something else.

6/ To me this is another ‘Twilight Zone’ episode of American law in action. This guy should have been hoisted by his own petard and thrown in jail. Drugs are a big problem around here. To let this guy walk free on technicalities seems wrong, a perversion of justice — another case of money buying freedom.

7/ I am not an expert of Rastafarianism, though having lived in England in the 70s when we had quite a few Rastas in London, the much missed Bob Marley and my incessant following of ‘West Indies’ cricket, I know a bit about them. This guy does not look like a Rasta to me — and lets face it, how many people in NH are familiar with Rastas. Check that picture from CBS. There are NO Rasta colors to be seen. He and all we see are all white. Not right. No, the Rasta colors need to be on display — so he can’t claim that he wears Rasta underwear. To me he is no Rasta.

8/ Using ‘Freedom of Religion’ to wriggle out of tight legal spots is something I have heard about, mainly anecdotally, even since I came here (for the 2nd time around) in 1986. I’ve heard stories about how it works like a charm with the IRS. I still contend that this guy is exploiting the system thanks to a brilliant lawyer.

9/ This guy is the SAME AGE as me; 59! That cracks me up. I don’t look great, never have. But come on, compared to this guy I look like I was chiseled out of marble. Wow. If this is what drugs can do for you, then they should do a NEW commercial akin to that unforgettable ‘This is YOUR brain on drugs’:

Please click and have ANOTHER blast of this great commercial … as a YouTube video.

I am NO paragon of virtue BUT I never did drugs (or smoked), though when I was 15-16 I hung out, daily, with a few very, very heavy drug users. But, I was never tempted — for reasons that I can still relate to today. I LIKE REALITY. Never had an urge to distort reality! Yes, I am strange. To me that seems pointless. You live in the real world, so why try to escape it. Just deal with it.