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Snow That Split My Tree In Half MIGHT Help Heal It Now That I Bolted It Back.

by Anura Guruge

Bolting the two halves together.

The two halves are well supported & I have numerous bolts & nails holding them together. BUt, since the split is only about 18″ from the ground I had been thinking of building a small retaining wall around the tree & filling it with earth & fertilizer. Basically burying the wound underground so that it could heal in peace. Maybe take root. But, first I had to let the snow melt.

Then yesterday we got 20″ more of snow. The split is buried. To make sure we shoveled more snow around the tree. So, now we have a mound of snow around the tree. The wound, packed in Miracle Grow, is well buried. This might help. It sure will NOT do any harm. Of that I am sure. It will be March, the earliest, before all that snow around the tree will melt. Then I can go ahead with my retaining wall.

The tree at night.

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by Anura Guruge

Bolting Together A Tree That Split In Half During Last Week’s Heavy Snowstorm.

by Anura Guruge

This is our so called ‘Family Tree’. We planted it, in front of the house, about 12-years ago, within a year of moving in (or so). It was knee high to begin with. It has grown tall, but it is lanky.

IF you look closely at the pictures you will see black tar. That limb had separated, albeit still attached, a few years ago. I strapped it tight, propped it up & nursed it back to health again. It healed & mended.

Then, not last weekend, but the one before that, in the huge snowstorm we had, with very heavy snow — it split & separated.

It has been lying on the ground since then. Today was the first day I could get to it BECAUSE of my cataract surgery! I was not supposed to do anything strenuous. Today was NOT the best day to do this. IT WAS COLD. Plus, I didn’t have many to help me.

So getting someone to hold it straight & tight was a problem. I wish I could have had more help. But, I think I can prevail.

I have filled the gap with Miracle Grow & a sugar mixture. I have some stuff coming from Amazon. I think the cold/winter will help. The tree is dormant. I will get working in the Spring. I will keep you updated.

I have had luck with fixing trees. This tree is now close to 30′. I planted it 13-years ago, when it was about 4′ high. During its 2nd winter it too got hit by snow & ice. I bound it back together. You can see how it has healed. That is the ‘hole’. It was in two. I joined it back together. It is one mighty & healthy tree.

I also fixed one of its branches. NO. NO. Not the one that is now broken. The one below it! I was supporting the injured one on the branch that is now broken. This one will be easy to fix. Smile.

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by Anura Guruge

Winter Solstice And Shortest Day In New Hampshire For 2013 Still 13 Days Away, But Earliest Sunsets Right Now …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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The shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, MY favorite day of the year (since it heralds the coming of Summer), is on December 21, 2013.

But, the rate at which sunrise and sunset varies, from day to day, going towards the Solstice and coming out of it isn’t symmetrical.

So, right now we are in THE period of the EARLIEST sunsets. That doesn’t mean that these are the SHORTEST days because sunrise happens ‘earlier’.

So in terms of daylight hours we still have 13 days to go before we see the shortest day.

But, for those that don’t see sunrise (in the winter) these are the shortest days because the sunset is earlier.

I know, this is kind of obtuse. Not immediately obvious. Though I understand it, each year around this time, I still have to stop and think about it to make sure it is clear in my mind.

The following tables will explain. Study them.
The top two are from our U.S. Naval Observatory.
Third is from ‘Time & Date‘ an excellent resource.

In the mid-1990s before I went on my own I worked for a couple of years, as the ‘Lead Consultant‘ at Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN) — THE place where some of  ‘the Internet‘ was invented, and NO, Al Gore never worked at BBN. Amazing place. I have never seen, not even at Cisco, IBM, Northern Telecom, just a inescapable concentration of raw, vivid intelligence. I used to be in awe. I always felt that I was the ‘Token Dummy‘ they had hired — and I had this exalted title! But, I repaid them in my own little way. In my first year there I got about 20 articles, with the BBN tagline, printed in trade journals. They loved that. Plus I was sure that I was the only uncircumcised person (thank God) on the whole campus — separated by the railway tracks leading to North Station in Boston. So, I also felt that I was the ‘Token Gentile‘ — and I wasn’t even a Gentile! There was a genius there who tracked sunset and sunrise for Boston and sent us e-mails reminding us of the various flavors of ‘shortest days’. I still get these e-mails from him … which is what reminded me to go check the times for New Hampshire. BBN was a great place.

Click to ENLARGE.

Hours of Day in December in Concord, New Hampshire.

Sunrise & Sunset Times in December for Concord, New Hampshire.


This weeks Sunrise and Sunset times for Concord, New Hampshire in detail just to understand the variations.


And to end, lets all ENJOY ‘Sunrise Sunset’ from ‘Fiddler on the Roof‘ … one of my favorite musicals.


Click to access the YouTube video … ENJOY.