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So Which Is The Better Book Cover: One By Famed “Fiverr’ Or Mine?

by Anura Guruge

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Who did which?

My son the software entrepreneur gave me heck on my birthday that my book covers suck and that I shouldn’t be so cheap and should pay $15 to Fiverr and have my covers designed by them.

Since I know he is way smarter than he I listened to him.

So, last week I signed up at ‘Fiverr’ and contracted to have a cover designed. It didn’t cost me $15. Only $12. That is all they asked. I didn’t want anything fancy. Just a book cover.

So, they sent me their professionally designed cover yesterday. I was gobsmacked.

I decided to try my hand at another cover.

So, which one do you think is mine and which one is from Fiverr.

Oh, yes, I published another book today. Nearly forgot.

P.S., Fiverr gave me a REFUND (albeit as a ‘store credit’) though I told them that I was OK with them keeping my $12 for their efforts.


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