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Amazon’s Kindle KDP (i.e. ‘Direct Publishing)’ Is Badly Logjammed.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. I published the Kindle edition 2-days ago.

Just a heads up.

KDP is logjammed.

It is NOW taking 10-days or MORE for ‘Look Inside‘ to get activated. I know. I spoke with them in November about this. Yes, it used to take less than 24-hours. Not now.

Phone support is still available & they REALLY do try. But, what they can do ‘on-the-fly’ is limited. EVERYTHING has to be submitted, in batch mode, to the ‘Back Office’.

Publishing still works. I published the Kindle version of my ‘The Conclave’ book in hours. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge


Book Publishing With Amazon’s Kindle KDP Gets More Involved — New Editions.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE & read here. From KDP Help.

The Old & New Editions of My ‘The Conclave‘ Book.

Over the last 18-months or so publishing with Amazon’s KDP — particularly so when it comes to paperbacks — is getting more involved & obtuse.

Yesterday I ran into the ‘New Edition’ issue. You can no longer just to an update & publish a new edition of a paperback. Bummer. I used to rely on that. Now you have to UNPUBLISH the old edition & republish the new. Yes, more hassle. But, at least I now know. Aggravating.

A heads up for the rest of you. Paperback new editions — you must unpublish the old edition. Don’t forget. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge


Wolfeboro, NH: Governor Wentworth Adult Education, Spring — I Am Slated To Teach 4 Classes.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here.

Registration information at the bottom.

pdffileClick here to download the PDF file,
if you so wish.

This, IF anybody signs up for any of these classes (which is always a BIG ‘IF’), will be my 3rd round with them — I having started a year ago, Spring 2016.

Offering my “Web design” class (#7 in the program above) for the 3rd time. Not sure whether it will fly this time around. At least 19 people have attended the last two classes and that might be it for interest.

I split the “Brain Meditation” class I taught in October into two NEW classes: “Thinking: For The Sheer Fun Of It” (#1) and “Quick & Easy Meditation” (#3). Realized that folks want to learn about traditional meditation too. So that is what the new class will do: cover both conventional and brain meditation. The “Thinking” class, as the title states, is all about having FUN. I would LIKE that class to run BUT I am not holding my breath. Might be too cerebral. [Disclosure: I asked for it to be #1! What can I say.]

Publish Your Own Book For Free” (#13) is new. I have done it before, albeit at the Alton Library. Not sure IF anybody will sign up for it. C’est la vie.

Definitely NOT expecting all 4 classes to run. If they do, I will be teaching 4 nights, Monday – Thursday, the first week in April. ‘They’ were worried about that given my age. They, probably quite rightly, think that that might be too much for I. 

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by Anura Guruge

Lighthouse24: Wholehearted Recommendation For Those Looking For Book Publishing Help.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Click to access.

Click to access.

I have not use their paid services per se but like thousands of other very grateful CreateSpace (i.e., Amazon’s book publishing arm) clients, I have availed myself to the unstinted pro bono advice, help and encouragement offered by Lighthouse24 — via the very active CreateSpace user community blog.

Yesterday when CreateSpace (which tends to be somewhat cavalier, arbitrary and inconsistent) and driven me beyond distraction (and even drink), I turned to the Community for help. Lighthouse24 immediately responded with helpful advice. They even offered to look at my PDF file to see why CreateSpace was giving me grief without telling me exactly what they did not like about my file. It was a pagination (i.e., page format, in this instance page numbering) issue. I jumped at this free help from a known and proven expert, especially when it comes to the very arcane machinations of CreateSpace. I sent them a private e-mail with a link to the PDF. They checked it out and found something that I had missed. Page 1 of chapter 1 was not starting on an odd-page. In an effort to keep my page count down (and hence the price of the book), I had the page starting on the ‘wrong side’ so to speak, though this is but a convention. So I needed to add a blank page. [This wasn’t the issue that CreateSpace was busting my chops about, but it was definitely worth doing. Makes the book look professional.] So I was real grateful.

Lighthouse24 provides this type of very valuable FREE help to the CreateSpace community on an hourly basis!

This is truly noble, civic-minded community service.

CreateSpace awards ‘points’ for helping others out within the Community. Lighthouse24, as of a few minutes ago, had 16,875 points. In stark and marked contrast, I have 60 points. So you can see what a huge contribution they make compared folks like me.

Hence my wholehearted recommendation.

This is truly salt-of-the-Earth stuff.

So if you need help publishing a book contact them: http://lighthouse24.com

IF I had the money I definitely would use them to help me get my books published.