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“Outback Oilskin Vest” In “National Geographic” Catalogue 40% Less At “Boot Barn”.

by Anura Guruge


“National Geographic” 2016 catalogue. Use link below to access original. Click image to ENLARGE and read here.

Click here to access the “National Geographic” catalogue.
This is on Page 59.


Click to access “Boot Barn” listing.

Given that we are longtime (continuous) subscribers to the “National Geographic” (one of the few magazines which we now subscribe too) and that we regularly (around Christmas) buy stuff from the Catalogue we get all the NatG shopping catalogues, via mail, without fail. Deanna and I both thumb through them to see what catches our eyes.

This vest caught my fancy. I wear vests and wear them quite a bit. All those pockets appealed to me — especially these days with all the camera paraphernalia that I carry. And my birthday is coming up.

As soon as Deanna and Devanee worked out what I wanted they were on their phones … checking. Devanee found the “Boot Barn” offering at once!

NatG, who charges for shipping based on the dollar value of the item, wanted $18.95 for shipping & handling. So their total price was $147.95.

It was FREE shipping with “Boot Barn” and Deanna managed to get a $10 discount by signing up for their e-mail promotions. So she got it, with shipping, for $89.99. That is quite a difference in price.

Yes, I appreciate that with NatG I am also paying towards ALL the GREAT WORK they do. But …. $57.96 is a fair chunk of change.

Just letting you know.

I have found this same mark up, of course, with the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue. You can find most things cheaper at Amazon.

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by Anura Guruge