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James Eckert, Alton (NH) Shooting Victim, Supposedly Practicing As Chiropractor With Lapsed NH License.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access my April 6, 2019 post.

Click to ENLARGE. From above post.

From the April 6, 2019 Post:

♦ Lizette started working for ‘Sanctuary Bodyworks and Sauna‘ in Pittsfield, NH, as a chiropractor.

♦ James ran a chiropractic business, from home, in Alton, called “The Big Idea“. [I can’t find any details about it or whether he was licensed to practice in New Hampshire.]

I got this e-mail this morning:

They had a NH license from 2012-2015 which expired and were treating people illegally, accepting only cash or silver, of all things……….I am a chiropractor and checked with the state for this info and am seeing some of his former patients.

Pretty self-explanatory. However, I am not 100% sure whether this applies to both of them, i.e., James and Lizette Eckert. Definitely James.

I had a hunch given what I was learning about their M.O.

Working from home …

So, another negative.

He is not what I would call a pillar of society.

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by Anura Guruge

James & Lizette Eckert, Alton (NH) Shooting Victims: Vital Data Culled From Excellent ‘Boston Globe’ Article.

by Anura Guruge

Data culled from this “Boston Globe” article.

Long article. So, I am summarizing some of the key data so you can get a snapshot.

But, please read the original if you have the time. It is very good & informative.

Click image to access the original post.


♦ Met at ‘Palmer College of Chiropractic‘ in Iowa.

♦ Got married in 1997. [He would have been 26, she 28. No details of prior relationships, children or where they came from.]

♦ Established ‘Innate chiropractic’ in South Portland in 1998. [There is also, coincidentally or otherwise, an ‘Innate Chiropractic’ in Iowa.]

♦ Owned a ‘big house’ on a lake in Gray, Maine — the lake being ‘Little Sebago Lake’.


♦ One biological child, a daughter (born before 2010, probably around 2004).

♦ Adopted two boys (NOT twins) from a Russian orphanage in 2010 via ‘KidsFirst Adoption’ agency in Indiana.. The youngest, the 11-year old shooter, would have been 2-years old at the time. The older brother was probably 4 or 5.

They violated Russian adoption rules, which require mandatory yearly updates, by ceasing to send such reports after the third year. 


♦ Believed to have had, c. 2010, $100,000 in credit card debts & $250,000 in student loans.

But, had not stopped them from buying a boat, a timeshare and a Mercedes Benz camper.

Legal Woes

♦ 2009 IRS audit on ‘Innate chiropractic’ that resulted in the IRS asking for $100,000+ in payments.

They contested the IRS in court.

♦ August 2011: With battle with IRS ongoing they file for bankruptcy: over $2 million in liabilities, just $600,000 in assets.

♦ March 2012: Stopped paying mortgage.

♦ July 2012: Dismissed bankruptcy proceedings. Not going as they had hoped. They were now liable for all of their ever mounting debt.

Move to Alton

♦ Late 2012: They abscond from their Gray, Maine house (with its unpaid mortgage) at night — taking with them, among other things, the water heater from the house.

♦ Farmhouse, at 76 Dobbins Way, Alton, where the shooting took place, was supposedly built-in 1770. It sits on 19-acres.

It was purchased in October 2012 for $140,000 — supposedly by Lizette Eckert’s father.

♦ Lizette started working for ‘Sanctuary Bodyworks and Sauna‘ in Pittsfield, NH, as a chiropractor.

♦ James ran a chiropractic business, from home, in Alton, called “The Big Idea“. [I can’t find any details about it or whether he was licensed to practice in New Hampshire.]

UPDATE: His NH license supposedly lapsed in 2015. Possibly her’s too. Check this April 11, 2019 post.

Click here to access my last post.

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by Anura Guruge

Alton (NH) Shooting By 11-Year Old: Outstanding, But Also Disturbing, Article By ‘Boston Globe’ Writers.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access original. MUST READ. Well written.

Click here to access reproduced article in
The Laconia Daily News“.

Click here to access my last post.

Outstanding journalism. Bravo.

MUST READ. Please read it — especially if you are in Alton or have an Alton contacts.

As I am reading this I started thinking “I have never seen this level of investigative reporting in the Sun“. Made me look at the byline. Bingo. ‘The Boston Globe‘. You could just tell. I appreciate good writing and diligent research. I was so impressed that I contacted the lead reporter to offer her my sincere congratulations.

Some very disturbing elements in the story. ‘They’, the two victims, are no the demi-saints they were portrayed to be by some in Alton. They had issues; serious issues — legal, financial and ethical.

The irony of their sign warning government agents from entering their property is sublime. I guess our wonderful State Troopers and local Police, quite rightly, ignored their ‘threat’.

I had a quick check of the local Facebook ‘channels’. NO mention of this article. Made me smile. I could be wrong, but I think that some posts have even been taken down.

I never knew these folks and it would appear I didn’t miss much. As I have also made clear my main concern and thoughts are with the poor 11-year old. As the State, quite rightly, is beginning to realize, 11-year old is way too young to understand all the ramifications of what has transpired.

I have asked it before, and I will ask it again: “how did he get his hands on a loaded gun?

Something else that crossed my mind today: “was he licensed to practice in New Hampshire?” I tried to look it up just now but did not have much luck.

Well, this article has at least given us a better insight as to the background and demeanor of this family.

I am so glad that ‘The Boston Globe’ invested in this article and assigned to gifted reporters to cover it. This is what I call GREAT NEWS.

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by Anura Guruge