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Feeding Seagulls — Permitted At ‘Hampton Beach’, New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

Despite the far from amenable weather, we went to ‘Hampton Beach‘, yesterday, for Mother’s Day — and as is our new wont had a lunch (and a very good one at that (as we knew would be the case)) at ‘Jumpin’ Jack Java‘. Then, we promenaded the ‘boulevard’. On the way back we saw a number of people casually feeding the seagulls. I had to stop and take some pictures.

But, that got me wondering.

Folks feeding seagulls at a public beach. That can’t be kosher.

So, at the next notice board I stopped to read it to see if there were any signs that said ‘No Feeding The Seagull‘. Nada. No signs.

We were walking by the ‘Chamber of Commerce’ office and stopped to inquire.

NO LAWS about feeding seagulls.

I guess this is ‘Live Free, Or Die‘ New Hampshire.

When I got home, I, of course, Googled. I was shocked. Being able to feed seagulls with impunity is quite common in the U.S. of A. WOW. I never realized.

I would have thought that feeding seagulls was a really bad idea. You are making associate humans with food. And I have seen seagulls attack humans. 45-years ago, on Mumbles Beach, near Swansea, in Wales, I had a seagull brazingly dive in and steal my piece of fried cod from the ‘fish-and-chips’ I had just purchased. I was not a happy camper.

I need to keep an eye on this. I am fairly sure that seagulls can be a real nuisance once them get used to too much human dependance. I will also have to check what the story is at other places — like Acadia. So, stay tuned.

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by Anura Guruge

Pumpkin Festival (Ex-Keene) Coming To Laconia, New Hampshire In October 2015.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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See April 26, 2015 Update.


Google Map view of downtown Laconia, NH.

Just heard that the troubled Keene, N.H. pumpkin festival is moving to Laconia, New Hampshire this October. That is great news.

We are big fans of the Pumpkin Festival. We all volunteered in 2012 and I even made it to the HGTV TV show. We couldn’t make it last year because Devanee had a track meet — and as such, fortunately, missed the riots. Ditto the year before also.

I am delighted to have it in the Lakes Region. Laconia, with its long history of hosting ‘Bike Week’, is no stranger to holding big events. So that, at least, is good. But, I have some concerns — knowing both Keene and Laconia well. Laconia is no Keene! That could be an issue. Keene is handy to both MA and VT and I am sure that that played a role in the success of their festival. Laconia, dare I say it, also does not have the amenities. So it will be rather different. Yes, we will most likely get involved. I know a lot of people in Laconia plus I am a Granite State Ambassador (GSA).

Given my experience at Keene I would think that Weirs Beach Boulevard, the focal point of Bike Week, would be the best spot to anchor the festival. The long, broad sweep, by the Bay would be the ideal place to place all the pumpkins. But Weirs Beach is a few miles from downtown Laconia. This will be much bigger than Laconia’s ever successful ‘Multicultural Day‘ — which is held downtown. The location, to me, will dictate the overall success of this new venture.

I will try to make this blog ‘Laconia Pumpkin Festival’ central — for YOUR edification. OK? So stay tuned. This was but a heads up post. This should be exciting and fun. Can’t wait.