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‘Tecsun PL118’ Pocket, FM-Radio — The BEST $13 Dollar Radio, Actually BEST $13 You Can Spend On Anything.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Link to Amazon’s product page below.

Link to Amazon’s product page for this amazing, inexpensive radio.

Click to ENLARGE and read. My review. Use above link to see the original at Amazon.

As I explained in this post, last week, for the last 10-months I have started listening to the radio during my 2-hours a day of walking/light jogging. Helps me deal with the time. I just listen to local FM stations — NHPR/NPR (on 89.1 or 90.1) and music. Nothing too esoteric. Now that the BBC doesn’t transmit on SW, I have no use, whatsoever, for SW.

I had bought a fake ‘Grundig’ from ‘Eton Corp.’ to meet my needs. It was a decent radio. Good reception. Good sound. But, it was big, heavy and bulky. I could carry it around but it felt like lugging a brick. Then I found this on Amazon. $13? I pay that much for exotic drinks at Chinese restaurants. I could afford $13. So, I got one.

Well, you can see my review. I was blown away and I am not the only one raving. It is not fancy. Just FM and basically manual tuning — albeit with the radio auto-locating all the available stations. The stereo sound with earbuds is beyond amazing.

If you are in the market for a great FM radio, check this out. You will not be dissapointed.

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by Anura Guruge

I Bought A ‘Grundig’ Radio Which Is ‘Fake’ & I Am V. Happy That It Is NOT A ‘Grundig’.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the U.S. ‘Eton Corp.’ Website.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grundig

No, this is not gobbledygook. It makes eminent sense. I wanted a radio whose quality was akin to that of a legendary ‘Grundig’, but I was happy if it wasn’t German! I do my best to avoid German products — especially bloody German cars. Why? Very simple. Others may have, BUT I have yet to forgive them for BOMBING my beloved England. Yep. Yes, the Japanese bombed Ceylon once — but, as far as I am concerned, WE the Allies exacted our retribution on them. Anywho … I am just glad that I was able to get an American designed, Chinese built radio that is purpoted to be as good as a Grundig — without it actually being a Grundig.

Growing up in Ceylon, before I witnessed, with my own two-eyes the damage that the bloody Germans had wreaked on Liverpool, I was into Grundig radios — both desktop and portable. We didn’t have TV. Just radio. Though there was a paucity of imported goods we did have a smattering of Grundigs. Grundigs were good.

I had NO idea that Grundig had gone ‘kaput’ in 2003. I didn’t realize that German companies went kaput. Well they did. ‘Grundig’ is now just a brand name used by others.

Eton has bought the U.S. rights for the name. The radio is not German. It is not bad. I have only used it for less than 30-minutes, but so far, so good.

For the last 10-months I have started listening to the radio during my 2-hours a day of walking/light jogging. Helps me deal with the time.

Learnt a lot about portable radios in the last few days. Suffice to say the Chinese are BIG. Yes, Sony has presence and products but the Chinese are eating their lunch.

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by Anura Guruge

Doctors Now Recommending AGAINST Taking Zyrtec Antihistamine DAILY.

by Anura Guruge

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Cetirizine Hydrochloride = Brand Name: Zyrtec.

I have been taking 10mg of (generic) Zyrtec, i.e., Cetirizine Hydrochloride, DAILY, without fail (but maybe at most a few times) for 5 years and 8 months; 2089 days.

I would swear by it. I thought it was a miracle drug.

My primary care doctor, at the time, i.e., 2012, had told me that I should do so.

I used to be haunted and plagued with severe bronchitis. At least twice year, once in Spring the other in Fall, bronchitis would cripple me. So, in November 2012, after I nearly DIED from a bout of bronchitis and coughed so hard that I broke a rib, my doctor told me to start taking Zyrtec.


It stopped my bronchitis — dead. I really haven’t had a debilitating attack in those 5.6-years.

I was so happy. I would tell others about it. I had my 12-year old on daily Zyrtec — and her doctor was fine with it.

** ** ** ** ** ** **

Today, I had my dreaded physical. Different doctor, same practice. The other one, who told me to take Zyrtec had left.

This doctor, who I have been seeing for the last 4 years is an Indian, my age and we share a very similar background.

So, he goes through ALL my health woes, my unstoppable weight gain up near the top since some of my other problems can be attributed to it.

He tells me that he is CONVINCED that most of my problems are due to my daily Zyrtec. I spluttered and choked.

He, then, makes it worse.

He said he tried telling me last year at my physical, but when he saw how happy I was with the Zyrtec he decided to wait. BUGGER.

He told me to take 10mg Loratadine (generic Claritin) instead, daily — and ONLY take Zyrtec, occasionally, if the Loratadine “wasn’t cutting it” on days when my allergies were real bad. WOW.

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by Anura Guruge