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Healthcare.gov (Obamacare/ACA): Kudos Upon Kudos For The Amazing Call Center Reps.

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by Anura Guruge

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As with most things in my life, of late, my fervent hope that I would be able go through this year WITHOUT having to deal with the dreaded healthcare.gov came to naught. My plan to rely on the automatic re-enrollment, even IF it cost me more, just to avoid the aggravation of dealing with healthcare.gov unravelled, in a hurry, when I found out that I had no choice but to put the two kids on my insurance.

So with utmost trepidation I logged onto healthcare.gov. The system was all primed to handle my re-enrollment.

To be fair the system is at least 1,000 times better than it was in 2012 — and quite a bit better than it was last year.

It is actually getting pretty slick!

95% of the data was preloaded and updating it was a snap. Yes, there is still some infuriating ‘questions loops’ you have to answer BUT it is not too bad.

After saying all of that, in the end, it still SCREWED UP BIG TIME. It ended up saying that my eligibility was different to that of the kids, both minors — and here is the real kicker, they claimed I had ‘better’ eligibility than the kids! That obviously is wrong.

obamacare2016So I had to call the Call Center. 15 minute wait.

Then I got ‘Wendy’ (and I think as with most call centers they use arbitrary aliases).

The healthcare.gov Call Center Reps., from the getgo in 2012, have been SUPERB. Outstanding. Brilliant. Exemplary.

Wendy was magical. She is a genuine veteran. She has been there since the very start in 2012. She knew her marbles.

As soon as I started explaining the problem — and I did NOT have to finish — she knew what had to be fixed.

She fixed it. That is something very nice about the system: the reps can go in there and change values, on your application, without you having to do it.

I then begged her to stay on the line till I enrolled. She did. They really are trained to spend as much time the caller wants. Amazing.

Yes, I could have done the rest on my own BUT it was so much quicker and easier with Wendy.

She advised me to get a ‘Silver’ plan rather than ‘Bronze’. And to be FAIR I no longer care about the cost! ‘They’, THE GOVERNMENT, is going to tax me one way or the other. So might as well get a Silver Plan and pay less taxes rather than get a Bronze and pay more taxes.

Yes, the system, still has problems with document submission. Though I uploaded the documents I am not taking any chances. I am mailing them in too — today.

So that is my healthcare.gov story for 2015.