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Belgium (An European Country) Starts Selling Chocolate Flavored Stamps — For Real. Kid You Not. April Fools Is Next Week.


Anura Guruge

Click to access original at the U.K. BBC.

Click to access original at the U.K. BBC.

They take chocolate very seriously, as they should, in Belgium.

Since I look like I am made out of dark chocolate I have always been ultra partial to all things chocolate. This is a hoot. Belgium actually is quite famous for its chocolate. All in all it is a fun place. I used to go to Brussels often on work; had a great gig doing 5 day training sessions for Philips sales folks. Just off the central square in Brussels they used to have a ‘Russian Tea Cafe’. They served brown ‘tea’ in Pyrex, see through mugs. There was only one thing that made this tea different — it was highly inflammable, and waiters would invariably hold a lighter to them and catch them on fire before they left you table. In reality it was all vodka with a perforated spoon with tea leaves dipped into it for color and a bit of flavor. So you were consuming vodka in the quantities that people drink tea. It was a riot. A few times I saw women being carried out, horizontally. They were totally stiff. Like cardboard cutoffs. Typically two men would carry them out like carrying a carpet. I guess that is what the vodka would do. Never bothered me. These training sessions were from 9 to 5 and I was on my feet for all but 75 minutes of that. But, I would party till 2 or 3 in the morning and still be fine for the next day. So, I am quite fond of Brussels and Belgium. Even thought about moving there at one point.