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“Sam’s Club” (Owned By Walmart) Is Selling On Amazon — Possibly Also With Aliases.

by Anura Guruge

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Sam’s Club listings on Amazon. Click image to access Sam’s Club @ Amazon.

I ordered the above Schick XTreme3 razors, for sensitive skin (despite my reluctance to buy anything German), because I have found from painful experience that they work better on my skin than most.

In November 2016 I had managed to get, from Amazon, a bulk quantity of 25, without ANY packaging, in an unmarked box, for a good price. I was starting to run low so I decided to try and order more. I could NOT reorder since that link now goes to a ‘Product Unavailable‘ page.

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So, I was forced to look around and found the listing shown above, from ‘ZNH Trading‘. It was NOT Prime, but still had FREE-SHIPPING, albeit not 2-day. That was OK since I still had a few razors ‘in the box’ (literally).

Two days ago a box arrived in the mail. It was NOT an Amazon box. The return label said “Sam’s Club“. I was puzzled. I had NEVER bought anything from Sam. Checked with wife. No, she had not ordered anything from Sam either.

Open the box. It was my razors, exactly as shown in the picture in fancy (but awkward and annoying) heavy-plastic packaging.

So. ‘ZNH Trading’. Yes, it is possible that they ordered it from Sam and had it shipped to me. IF so you have to wonder how anybody is making any money on this.

Then today I checked whether Sam sells directly on Amazon. And it does. That surprised me. Wow. It is as with UPS using the USPS to deliver certain parcels in rural area. Quite the admission from Walmart and another feather in the cap for Amazon (and as a shareholder I am delighted).

Isn’t it interesting.

The ‘coopetition’ as it was coined by Novell in the 1990s.

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by Anura Guruge