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I Am Crushingly Disappointed In My Garmin Fenix 5 — It Counted 8,000 Steps While I Was On A Bus!

by Anura Guruge

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Know problem. They were talking about it YESTERDAY!

We were in Acadia for 5-days, and as is always the case when I am there, I was racking up the steps because that place begs you to hike. We had great, even exceptional weather, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday — but it bucketed down on Thursday. This was our 11th trip to Acadia in 5-years and we expect a day or two of rain. So, no big deal. One of our rainy-day activities is to take the FREE, L.L. Bean ‘Island Explorer’ bus from Bar Harbor all the way to Bernard on the other side of the Island and back. Mindless. Just sit in the bus and watch all the familiar landmarks in the rain. We always sit in the very back, on the long bench seat because that amuses Teischan. But, it is very bouncy and ‘slippery’ back there and in addition to getting jostled I do have to grab at seat backs and seat belts to stop from sliding around.

We had got to Southwest Harbor and was going up a small incline when my ‘GOAL’ buzzer went off. It was for meeting 10-floors of elevation, i.e., 100 feet. That surprised me since I had only done about 30′. Then I realized it was the barometric altimeter registering the elevation gains while I was in the bus. I was willing to overlook that. But, it made me look at my steps. I was flabbergasted! It had me having done around 5,000 steps, and I knew I had only done around 1,000 that day. So, I started monitoring the steps. They were going up like CRAZY.

At the end of the 3 hour bus ride it was showing in excess of 9,000 steps! 8,000 of those were BOGUS. I was CRUSHED and I still am.

I understand that the accelerometer sees the motion, BUT for whatever reason I had assumed that the Fenix 5 would have had algorithms that sorted that out. Not so.

I Googled. Yes, it is a problem across all activity trackers.

Now that I am retired I do not spend much time inside vehicles. I can easily go 4 to 5 days, sometimes even longer, without ever riding in a vehicle. I run and walk. So, I had NOT noticed these miscounted steps before.

On Friday, on the way back, I decided to keep track. I was driving our Nissan Quest which is a much smoother ride than the bus. For about an hour I did not see any missteps counted. Then, I saw 30 getting counted very quickly. Overall, in what was a 4.5 hour drive I saw 80 steps added. I can live with that. HUGE difference between 80 and 8,000.

Garmin should have a widget that disables step & floor counting. So, when you get in a vehicle you just activate that widget. It will monitor heart rate and stress but not steps or elevation. That should be trivial to implement.

I am CRUSHED. Now, I don’t trust any of the step counts.

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by Anura Guruge

U.K. Poppy Day Kick Off By ‘Kate Middleton’ & Prince William, Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge. Brilliant. Must See Pictures.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.by Anura Guruge

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above (↑↑) with tons of pictures and history.

These will warm the furthest cockles of your heart. Absolutely brilliant!
Makes you feel SO PROUD to be British.


Click to access U.K. 'Daily Mirror' and its coverage. The 'Mirror' has never appealed to me but today they have done us all proud. Nice gallery of photos.

Click to access U.K. ‘Daily Mirror’ and its coverage. The ‘Mirror’ has never appealed to me but today they have done us all proud. Nice gallery of photos.


Wow. Wow. Wow. Doesn’t get more iconic than this. You can see her CLUSTER of poppies behind that carefully coiffured hair. Again from Mirror. Click to gain access.


What can you say? I bet there are tens of millions of Americans wishing that they could have a Royal couple like this. Rejoice.

We Got Our Rescue Puppy From Kentucky, Braxton, The Beagle, Today. Very Slick & Smooth Operation. Kudos.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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We picked him up in Kittery, Maine, at the ‘Welcome to Maine’ visitor center, off I-95, at noon — as promised and as hoped. No hitches. Very smooth. We were very impressed. Very slick, professional operation. More in a minute.

Sure is a beagle. Paperwork says ‘mixed’ — but they also say they don’t know exact date of birth of breed. I weighed him a few minutes ago (after he had his dinner at 4:30 pm). 5.6 pounds! He is LITTLE. Smallest dog I have ever had. Having had Goldens for 25 years I am not used to such a small dog. But, sure is cute.

Ate his dog food, mixed with warm skim milk. But prefers chicken and cheese. Likes yogurt too. All our dogs get yogurt at night (to match my yogurt eating habit, though I eat Greek, plain, low-fat). He will get chicken and cheese.

So here is the first set of pictures. Suffice to say all are delighted. Deanna will probably be taking 50 pictures a day.

Click on any of the pictures to ENLARGE them.

I found him on ‘Adopt-a-Pet‘ (via Petfinder) online, as I posted here, and spent 36 hours making sure I got him.

The NH contact and ‘Foster Home’ was Janice Berry, in Rochester. She was very good. Yes, I pestered her near daily, including this morning at 10:30, to make sure the puppy would arrive today. We highly recommend her. Phone number: 603-332-2965.

The actual agency appears to be ‘Butler County Animal Shelter’ in Kentucky.

The delivery operation by bus was very smooth. Very impressed.

This was so good that I am already talking about getting another one!

Some pictures of the dog drop off this noon in Kittery, Maine.

The ladies that drive the delivery bus take pictures of each puppy as it is handed over and then posts it on their Facebook page (quite quickly). Very impressive.

This is the picture they took of us.

Sept 28, 2013 Picking up Braxton our resue - adopted doggie

Two Pilgrimage Bus Crashes This Weekend. 41 Dead. What Gives? This Stuff Really Confounds Me.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access CNN video and article.

Click to access CNN video and article.

Click to access CNN video and article.

Click to access CNN video and article.

One of my favorite movies, albeit from 1980 — partly because this guy reminds me of me. though he is better looking. Click to access IMDB.com data for this brilliant movie.

Of course this is not the first time this has happened. I know that I have heard, just in the last year, of other fatalities involving those returning from pilgrimages — and to be fair, it is religion agnostic.

But, it always confounds me. Yes, yes, I know folks are going to tell me the usual mantra: God does not micro-manage and Free Will. Lets get ‘Free Will’ out of the way. Other than the Free Will of the drivers involved, I don’t think that the passengers had any Will in these disasters. The micro-management part, however, always intrigue me. I assume, though I do not know for sure, that these folks that go on pilgrimages pray when they are at the pilgrimage site. But, what are they praying for?

Though I grew up in a culture, and, moreover, in a household, obsessed with prayer and the ‘taking of vows’ (the next logical step: i.e., ‘I will give you this if you give me that‘), I quickly saw the shortcomings of this philosophy when I was around 18. That is when I stopped being a Buddhist — the religion that I grew up in. So, I basically became areligious — though I am fascinated by religion, those that believe in religion and the protocols of religion. That is why I am (still) an active papal historian, have written 7 books about popes and plan to write another starting in the next month.

Given that I do know the nuts-and-bolts of certain religions, e.g., Christianity and Buddhism, better than most that practice them, some beliefs that some have distress me. I am happy IF those beliefs provide the living with succor and relief. But, given that I am very au fait with purgatory, I cringe when I hear people talking about the recently deceased being with God. That is not what the ‘church’ (with a capital ‘C’ or otherwise) teaches. Lets not forget that just 2 weeks ago ‘the Church’ said that you can reduce the amount of time you spent in purgatory if you followed the Pope’s tweets from Brazil! Lucky for me, I don’t have to worry about such stuff.

This stuff does bother me, because I do think. I do analyze. I do try to rationalize. To me things have to make sense — which is why I love the movie above. That movie makes sense.

Anyway. Not trying to upset anyone. Just what goes through my mind. Think about it. Thinking is good. Thinking, as far as I am concerned, is the second greatest physical pleasure in life — next to sex, of course (while thinking during sex is divine).