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FireFox 18.0.1: ‘Clear History’ Causes A Hang. Clears Cookies Too. Not Good.


Anura Guruge

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historyclearjan30Between Deanna and I this has happened thrice in the last 5 days. Not good. Happened to Deanna as soon as she had upgraded to FireFox 18.0.1. I also had it happen the first full day that I used 18.0.1.

Then it was fine for 3 or 4 days, and I clear my cache QUITE often, at a minimum last thing ‘at night’ (or more like 1 am) before I shutdown the PC. Then happened again last night.

Have to cancel FireFox from the ‘Task Manager’ to get around the FireFox. FireFox starts again fine and ‘Clear History’ will work again. Have done 4 clears since then without problem. In my case the problem appears to be related to the size of the cache — i.e., 6 or 7 hours in between clears. I can go through 400 pages in 6 or 7 hours! I invariably have 12 tabs open on FireFox, across two instances of FireFox: using a dual monitor configuration. So, yes, I push the limits, but this shouldn’t be an issue. Prior to 18.0.1, I can only remember one ‘Clear History’ hang and that was months ago.

I only clear cookies once a month — mid-month. Part of my regular maintenance schedule. Last night, when it hung, it had cleared my cookies. Not a big deal. Just need to logon to some services.

But, a heads up. I did a Google. Doesn’t look like this is a widespread problem — BUT, then again, how many people clear their history as regularly as I do?