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My Efforts To Conserve Internet Bandwidth Vindicated — We Could Run Out Of Internet Capacity In 8 Years

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read these two snippets from the U.K. “Daily Mail”. Use link below to access original.

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to access original U.K. “Daily Mail” coverage.

This is my concern and fear when it comes to Internet bandwidth. We are using it at a faster rate than we can — eventually — add capacity to keep up.

I have absolutely no issue with Internet bandwidth being used productively. That is what it is there for. Yes, even with just productive use we will run out of capacity and start running into slowdowns caused by congestion.

My crusade is against WASTE of bandwidth. People just wantonly abusing bandwidth BECAUSE there is no direct cost associated with capacity used. I am in favor of having a USAGE charge on bandwidth — on TOP of the access charge we currently pay for Internet access.

As I keep on pointing out we all can do SMALL things and they all help. When you reply to an e-mail DELETE MOST (if NOT all) of what was already there. Sending it back takes up BANDWIDTH. Just as with energy there is no such thing called FREE BANDWIDTH. All bandwidth used consumes energy, generates actual traffic — which causes congestion — and eats into capacity.

So, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t waste Internet bandwidth. It is a finite resource and we will run out of it. Thank YOU.

GoDaddy E-Mail Slow Right Now. Intermittent Hangs. Yes, It Has Been Slow For A Week Or So.


Anura Guruge

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Over the last 10 days or so I have noticed 5 to 6 (on average) search queries a day on: “GoDaddy e-mail slow“.

Yes, we had noticed that it was a bit sluggish, but it was only a few minutes ago that it really became an issue for me. Yesterday or day before Deanna complained that her GoDaddy e-mail was so slow that it might as well be down. But, she managed to get what she wanted done.

This morning I encountered some major problems. It was definitely down for a few minutes. Plus it is slow — particularly when it comes to displaying e-mails and logging in.

From my decade and more of experience with GoDaddy e-mail this could be either due to one of two things: capacity problems on the server (processing or bandwidth) OR GoDaddy is yet again being subjected to a ‘Denial of Service‘ (DoS) attack that is slowing everything down. Knowing GoDaddy (as I do) I am fairly sure that they are aware of this problem and will fix it in the next couple of weeks. I will, of course, he monitoring it.

So, this is just a heads up. Best of luck. I know how frustrating this can be.