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Does Alton Central School (ACS), N. H. Have WORKING Industrial-Grade Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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A lot has been said (I hear) about the carbon monoxide brouhaha at ACS on December 18 – 19, 2013 and the resultant school closure on Dec. 19.

Fortunately NO carbon monoxide (or at least dangerous levels) was EVER found within ACS.

This e-mail from ACS confirms that, and I hear there are various documents on the ACS website confirming that NO CO was ever found.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE. From my Dec. 19, 2013 post.

comonitorsindustrial666641Something that never got mentioned during this whole unnecessary, and ‘tempest in a gin glass’ incident, was whether or NOT ACS has working (and regularly) tested, industrial grade Carbon Monoxide detectors.

This, to anybody with even a modicum of scientific training and a capacity for some logical (sober) thinking, is the most germane of issues.

If there were working, reliable CO monitors NONE OF THIS had to happen!

Period. No doubt or debate.

If the alarms went off — then there was a threat, a potential danger.

IF the alarms were mute, and there was more than one tested alarm around, then there could NOT have been a danger.

Yes, there are even PORTABLE CO detectors and alarms — industrial grade. Does ACS have any of these? IF NOT why not — other than …


digioxtt343What ‘they’ used at ACS to measure SUPPOSED CO was consumer-grade, Fingertip OXIMETERS — those clip on things that measure your oxygen saturation levels.

They are NOT CO monitors! Oxygen saturation is contingent on many, many factors — key among them your cardiovascular health. If you are sedentary with a BMI well over ’25’ you are unlikely to get a 98 – 100% reading on these fingertip meters. Google it. Get educated. Know the facts.

At ACS, on Wednesday, these were the ONLY devices used to begin with.

OK, full disclosure. I know more about what happened on Wednesday than I care to divulge. Two adults, and let us leave at that (rather than going into specifics), who were at ACS on Wednesday and saw the whole ‘thing’, contacted me: one on Thursday, the other on Saturday. Here is the crazy thing. I am, and was (as my posts testify), ALL in favor. My ONLY dissatisfaction was that they re-opened ACS on Friday. We should have had 2 days off! Everybody, especially the teachers, deserved that.

Oh, I hear that there is a movement afoot to have ACS closed because of this CO incident. I am fully in favor of that. We really should start from scratch. I agree. 

OK. This is enough.

But, lets just look at what happened at ACS that fateful Wednesday and FACTOR in WORKING, tested, industrial strength CO monitors and at least one, tested, reliable portable monitor.

If there were MONITORS in place there would have been NO REASON to even think of CO. That it was CO was planted in the heads of … by ….!

If only there were CO monitors and cool heads.