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Following Cardinal Caffarra’s Death Today, Cardinal Electors Down To The Legit 120.

by Anura Guruge

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Following Pope Francis’ very unusual cardinal creating consistory of June 28, 2017, where he created 5 new Cardinal Electors, there were 121 Cardinal Electors.

That was one more that the 120 Cardinal Electors currently permitted by Papal Decree from participating in a conclave.

I have always been against pope’s exceeding this 121 limit for a very good reason. It would create an unprecedented situation if a conclave had to be held unexpectedly (following a sudden death) and before the deceased pope got around to doing something about increasing the 120 limit.

What was real strange about this 121 figure was that there were NO upcoming 80th birthdays until February 3, 2018. That meant we would have gone for an unprecedented (again) 220 days (i.e., 7 months) with the cardinal elector level above 120 — UNLESS a cardinal, under 80-years of age, were to die. And I am always careful to specify that — i.e., barring deaths. I had wondered if there were any under-80 cardinals who were known to be on their last legs. There appeared not to be any.

And then, 70-days after the consistory, 79-year old Italian Cardinal, Carlo Caffarra dies. All the reports say SUDDENLY — but they also add that “after a long illness“. So, what is the story. Did Francis know that Caffarra would die within 90-days? The pope, in theory, does have some very good contacts high up.

Ironically, Caffarra was one of 4 of his MOST ARDENT critics. But another died in July 2017 and now Caffarra. So, 2 of the 4 have died! Coincidence? {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

Will Australian Cardinal George Pell Be The Next Pope — After Francis?

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Cardinal George Pell.

One way or another, just going on what Pope Francis himself has repeatedly said about his ‘2 to 3 year life span’ and the possibility of him retiring (à la Benedict XVI), I have a distinct feeling that we will have a new pope, post Francis, in the next 18 months.

So, it falls upon me, as “Mr. Next Pope“, to start working on this again, though I had hoped for a longer break.

Australian Cardinal George Pell (74 years in age), though controversial in his own right (for his handling of sex abuse in Australia and being outspoken about both Benedict & Francis), is now seen, increasingly, as the ‘Leader of the Opposition’ — though ironically, Francis has also given him significant power (over Vatican budgets and finances) as a ‘trusted’ member of his ‘inner cabinet’.


Cardinal Carlo Caffarra.

My initial druthers had been that AFTER the Francis experiment, which has NOT worked out that well, that the cardinals will become even more introspective, batten down the Vatican hatches and decide to go back to the ‘ways of the old’ — i.e., an European pope, if NOT an Italian pope. Basically avoid another EXOTIC. And Pell, from Oceania (as the Vatican characterizes that part of the Pacific), is definitely an EXOTIC. But he does seems to have a following as exemplified by this recent letter of ‘no-confidence’ to Francis signed by 13 other cardinals.  13 cardinals is 66 votes short of the 2/3 majority that Pell would need to be elected pope. That is a fair chunk of cardinals that have to get behind him. But what is fascinating about the list of 13 is that it includes INFLUENTIAL names from all continents, and some with real clout, e.g., New York’s Dolan, Canada’s Collins, South Africa’s Fox Napier, Europe’s Müller. These folks can definitely rustle up votes from their colleagues.

At 74 Pell is YOUNG. The trend is towards OLDER, i.e., past 75, popes in the hope they don’t rule for decades and decades now that life expectancies are long.

I see that , in their infamous ‘Next Pope’ betting, has my 2013 #1 papabile, Canada’s Marc Ouellet at #2. But Marc is even younger! Philippines’ Tagle is but a wet dream. Not for another 20 years.

Here is a name to think about, 77 year old Italian Carlo Caffarra. His conservative credentials are impeccable.