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“Jordan JW Trio”, Celtic With A Twist, Performing In Barnstead (NH), Saturday, July 14, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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A short video I shot with my Sony a7 II.

The bagpipers that regaled us during the 10-minute intermission.

Again my video (as you, no doubt, cantell).

Click to access their Website.

Jordan JW Trio” were good, some of their vocal renditions exceptional and there were even some glimpses of brilliance. I was impressed and enjoyed their 110-minute performance — which included a few non-celtic numbers. They reminded me of ‘The Woods Tea Co’ (below) and when they played “The Wild Rover” they confirmed that I had been on the mark. Being compared to “Woods Tea” is not a bad thing. That, in my book, is quite an accolade. Yes, there were times that they brought to mind “The Brigadoons” — and that is not a bad thing either.

I think they can go far if they work on their vocal repertoire. Their reels and jigs are ‘OK’ but don’t set them apart. A large open field is never does sound systems any favors and that was the case with this concert. They probably sound even better in an enclosed hall.

During their 10-minute intermission, unannounced, four bagpipers turned up. That was a bonus and made my day. I hadn’t heard any pipes in awhile. Three of the pipers, in blue, were from a police pipe band from South Carolina. The leader of this group, in a green shirt, was an ex-Barnstead resident who lived in a house right on the edge of the green, They only played four tunes but that was good. I wish that the Trio had done at least one song with pipes. That would have been special.

But, all in all, a great evening in Barnstead. The rain stayed away and it was the usual amicable gathering with lots of kids and dogs and most of the kids have a ball.

Click for their Website.

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by Anura Guruge