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‘Royal Indian’, By Acadia — THE Best Thing To Happen To Bar Harbor, Maine, In Many A Year.

by Anura Guruge

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Royal Indian Bar Harbor Maine Acadia restaurant Anura Guruge

Royal Indian Bar Harbor Acadia Maine restaurant Anura Guruge

The well thought out & yummy menu
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Royal Indian Bar Harbor Acadia Maine restaurant Anura Guruge

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That chic, upscale and progressive Bar Harbor, Maine, gateway to Acadia, did not, until last month have an Indian restaurant was incongruous and frustrating. You want variety, specially if you, like so many others, including us, visit Bar Harbor on a regular basis and do so for a number of nights each visit. I truly stumbled upon the ‘Royal Indian’ serendipitously. I was trying to get back to ‘Cottage Street’ from ‘Main’ late Tuesday night, after dinner at a lobster place, when I took the wrong turn (which I habitually do). So, I had to cut across the car parks to get to Cottage. That is when I saw the well-lit and extremely welcoming sign. My heart skipped a beat. WOW. An Indian at long last. I went there for dinner the very next day and just loved it.

Authentic, carefully spiced, well cooked food, at a reasonable price. I, as I do 85% of the time, had the lamb korma and it was as good as I have had it ever. And the extremely congenial (and young) owner saw me looking puzzled at the dessert menu and he knew, without me saying a word, exactly what I was looking for! He magiced me up a kulfi — the only exception I make to my diet when it comes to sweets. Kulfi will be available on a regular basis soon. {SMILE}

The restaurant is spacious, airy and easy on the eye. They have done a brilliant job converting what had been a bakery.

Wonderful dining experience AND they are open till 10pm. That is great. Trust me, late dining can be a real issue in that area.

Not sure how long this will be the policy, but the night I was there it was ‘Happy Hour’ ALL NIGHT! Wine in Bar Harbor at $4 a glass? Good job I can walk back to the ‘Wonder View Inn‘.

Family run. Extremely nice folk. They also own a motel on Route 3 just by ‘Pirates Cove‘. They are going to be a great addition to the Bar Harbor business and social scene.

That there was no Indian restaurant previously baffled I more than once. I invariably do a micro census of Acadia visitors on each trip and this was my 12th time in Acadia since 2013. ‘Indians’ (brown folks like I (rather than Asians in general)) are, by far, the largest minority that you see at the Park. I see ten times more Indians in a day in Acadia than I see in a year in central New Hampshire (where I live)! The word just has to get around and it will.

I already heard, from a Park Ranger, that they like the new Indian! That was good to hear.

So, I am excited. Not sure whether we will be going back in September as we used to do for many years. Maybe Acadia is becoming a once a year destination. Not sure.

But, the next time I am in Bar Harbor this is where I will be having dinner on my first night. Maybe I will see you there. {SMILE}


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by Anura Guruge

We Were Randomly Picked For The U.S. Census, Mandatory, ‘American Community Survey’ — Fancy That?


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.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge


Yes, fancy that. Just like how I would get randomly picked, 100% of time, for the 2nd security pat down at the gate, when flying after 9/11. Yep. Real coincidence.

It was as with the 2010 U.S. Census. I think they came around a dozen times and I am sure they secretly videotaped us. “Wow, a non-white guy, this far NORTH in New Hampshire and he claims that he evens owns a house”. We have to document this and keep tabs on him. Well, it wasn’t as bad as I first moved to New Hampshire in 1986 and moved to a rural community, which prior to my arrival, had been 100% white for 200 years. In 1997 I was told by a lady, in Meredith, that I was the FIRST NON-WHITE person that her 9-year old daughter had ever seen!

Yep, picked at random. Look. Look. A flying pig.

The survey is dead keen to know three things.

1/ Whether you have ANY Latino in you and IF so how you got here. I am not kidding. They are paranoid as to whether you might have some Latino in you. WOW.

2/ Whether you have health insurance and how you got it.

3/ How much money you make and how you make it.

Talk about intrusive and blatant. I bet Republicans will love this. Jee, they ask DIG. Surprised that they didn’t ask me about my sex life.

But they, probably because of ‘Mittens‘, also seem very anxious to determine whether you are bigamist. They ask you all these questions as to whether you are (during the last 12 months) married, divorced, widowed etc and do it in such a way that it sure looks like they are trying to trip you up. Also wants to know how many times you have been married. I JUST managed to creep in under the wire.

Not a fun survey. Very scary. But I did it. I had no option. I know they would come and get me IF I didn’t respond. Said so on the envelope. Looked like it was scrawled in blood. “This is the LAW. You better respond IF you know what is good for you”.

Just a heads up.