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Thinking Of Changing My Name To: Cha Cha Coconuts Guruge.

by Cha Cha Coconuts Guruge

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You have to admit it has a ring to it.

I can definitely see I introducing myself as: “Hi. My name is Cha Cha Coconuts“.

This is the crazy this. Until this morning I have never had an urge or inclination to change my name. I like my name. I have stuck with it, steadfastly, for 65.5 years. Over the years people have urged me to use an anglicized  name — “Andy”, suggested more than once. Could not even contemplate that. Seemed wrong. Betrayal of who I was. Folks said it would help my career. Well, I knew otherwise. Nothing could save my career. Then, this morning, on Facebook, I saw: “Cha Cha Coconuts“!

It was electric. Immediate connections.

Yes, I grew up around coconuts back home in Ceylon, and I am very fond of nuts.

I think the name suits me and describes me to a ‘T’.

While I am now way, way TOO OLD for a midlife crisis, this might be an end-of-life crisis. And as far as these things go, this will be CHEAP.

So, that is the deal.

I am thinking of ditching the boring ‘Anura‘ and becoming ‘Cha Cha Coconuts Guruge’.

What do YOU think?

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by Cha Cha Coconuts Guruge