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Oh How I Wish Janet Yellen Was On A Testosterone Boosting Regime.

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by Anura Guruge

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Don’t get me wrong, I like Janet Yellen and was totally supportive of her replacing Dear Ben as the Federal Reserve Chairperson. What is there not to like about her?

BUT after yesterday’s momentous decision by the Fed’s NOT to raise the Fed Interest Rate I just wish she had more testosterone in her system. What we saw yesterday is the, rightly, much vaunted trait of females not to be as aggressive, confrontational and ‘in your face’. BUT in this case that is really what we needed. We needed Janet to be a Margaret Thatcher or my Aunty Bandaranaike — strong female leaders that were willing to make hard decisions.

We need to get this interest rate fiasco out of the way!

To be honest it bothers me NOWT! As somebody with an incurable addiction to option trading I LOVE the market volatility. Large market swings make me smile all day — not that I am not smiling most of the time anyway. I just feel bad for those that just ride the market and watch helpless when their IRA goes down. I just heard on CNBC this morning, bamboo stake up his derrière, “I tell God what to think every morning”, Ken ‘pompous’ Langone, bemoan how the ‘zero’ interest rates are crippling retirees on a ‘fixed income’. I had to laugh. Typical of bloody Langone. Clueless. I am retired BUT I wish my income was ‘fixed’. SMILE. Never understood that expression. “Fixed Income”. If you are salaried aren’t you also on a ‘fixed income’? Well, what can I say?

This interest rate ‘fear’ is such a joke. 0.25% or even 1% Fed interest rates are NOT going to kill anyone. They will, as CNBC correctly points out, NORMALIZE matters — and the markets — and GET one unnecessary Ken Langone like gorilla ‘out of the room’.

So PLEASE Janet go get some shots. Lets raise this damn rate SOON — definitely before Christmas. PLEASE let us NOT go into 2016 with this hanging over the market.

I just do NOT know whether I could tolerate that much FUN!

Janet, I am sure your Health Insurance will cover the costs of the shots. If NOT I will, on behalf of the entire World, gladly pay for them.

Alton Central School (ACS) School Board Meeting, August 20, 2013: Fred Fuller Was The Main Issue.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The BIGGEST Issue:
Do ACS parents care IF ACS buys oil from
convicted sexual harasser?

The lady who has been holding the floor, multiple times per meeting, at the last few School Board meetings.

The lady who has been holding the floor, multiple times per meeting, at the last few School Board meetings. Mr. Steve Miller in the background.

This was an out-of-cycle, at a strange-time, i.e., 4 to 6 pm, ACS School Board meeting to make up for the meeting that did not happen last week, on Monday, because there was no quorum.

We kind of knew that attendance would be even worse than usual. We were right. In the end it was JUST the two of us. There was not even a scribe from the local rag.

They really took to heart, and it was touching, the motion I instigated that as many public documents as possible be displayed on a big screen so that we could all follow. They really adhered to that (though the first PDF they tried to display was corrupted and would not open). When they couldn’t display a document they shared printed copies with us. It was so good. This should have been the norm for years.

After the no quorum debacle I also managed, today, to get ANOTHER structural change, for the better, in place — with majority support from the members. In future, the meeting agenda will ALWAYS contain a ‘Regrets from Absent Members‘ item to avoid confusion.

It now appears that out of the 3 that did not turn up, two had followed the proper procedure and notified the Superintendent, Mr. Lander, of their absence well ahead of time. But for reasons I cannot fathom this was never disclosed by Mr. Lander or the Chair. I think that was wrong. It was a disservice to the two members who had done the right thing. As for the third … I tried to get the other board members to send him to detention with the Assistant Principal. But, they wouldn’t buy that.

Appears that kids in the Elementary School were paying 20 cents less for their lunch than the older kids — though they all get the same meals with the same portions. So after some discussion the Elementary School lunch price was raised to $2.25 — same as what the other kids pay. That can still add for some. I worry. I know that there are kids that go hungry at ACS — and that is why we have various ‘combat hunger’ programs (Devanee actually helping with one of these programs).

The lunch prices and Fred Fuller were the only real items of import and interest.

Steve Miller and I, again demonstrating commonality, both requested ‘Common Core’ on the agenda for the next Board Meeting with me also requesting that the Board hold a vote of confidence or no confidence in CC — given that ACS is committed to following CC in the 2013 – 2014 school year.