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I Can’t Believe That American Airlines (AA) Is Now Painting Their Planes — It Is A Betrayal.

by Anura Guruge

The ‘new’ PAINTED AA planes.

Hadn’t flown American in a couple of years and had NOT noticed until ‘last’ week when we flew to New Mexico/Arizona to visit Canyon de Chelly, again.

I was upset to see the PAINTED AA planes.

As a MILLION MILE AA Frequent Flyer I have a vested interest in AA. The unpainted planes were supposed to save money. Paint adding 400 – 700 pounds of weight to a plane. But, it appears that keeping the metal look is not for free. This article from Boeing explains it, with figures.

But, unpainted buffed planes were the TRADEMARK of AA. I did most of my AA flying, 1980 — 1999 during the tenure of the legendary AA Chairman, Bob Crandall. I was a big fan of his. I remember reading, in the AA inflight magazine Crandall singing the praises of unpainted planes.

A quick Google shows me that I am NOT the only one that has expressed concern.

And now this. Change is hard. Change can be sad.

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by Anura Guruge

IBM’s Ginni ‘Tonic’ Rometty Would Have Been FIRED 2 Years Ago IF She Was A Man!

by Anura Guruge

The company she keeps.

I ‘speak’ here as a proud ex-IBMer, one who made a decent living for 30-years as an IBM ‘expert’ and one who has been accused, more than once, of ‘bleeding blue when cut‘ (‘Big Blue‘ being IBM’s nickname).

I do NOT know Rometty. I never met her during my terms at IBM — my last stint c. 2001.

I have only watched her from far and she has NOT impressed me one iota.

20 CONSECUTIVE (bloody) quarters of declining revenues. Yes, 20 quarters — 5 years. That is basically a WHOLE tenure as IBM’s Chairman.

Come ON! Give me a break. She would have been out on her ear ages ago if she was a man.

Now it is looking embarrassing to all.

IBM has had some GREAT CEOs and Chairmen, not even counting the two father-son Watsons. Cary, Opel & Akers were GOOD. Gerstner, who I ‘knew’, was BRILLIANT. Palmisano was not great. Gin & Tonic Rometty, however, is the worst.

And IF you did NOT know. IBM’s stock price is what it is, because she was buying back BILLIONS to prop up the price!

Warren Buffett over the weekend admitted that he made a mistake in buying IBM. Well, he is getting OLD.

The best thing for IBM is to go cap-in-hand to Amazon and ask them, please, if they would buy IBM to put it out of its misery.

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by Anura Guruge

Have You Heard That NH Gas Tax Could Go Up 12 Cents In 3 Years? Not Passed. They Are Talking About It.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access full article.

Click to access full article.

I happened to hear this on NHPR on Tuesday. I was quite shocked. This could add up. Still amazes me, each and every time we fill up either of the vehicles and the total is over $60. We have fairly economical cars and we don’t drive much. We have had the Kia Sportage for 8 months and we still haven’t gone past 6,000. [The dealership is going bonkers because they think we are past due to 1st service, at 7,500 miles. I like to see them get agitated. They promised us free oild changes for 2 years. So I am waiting to see what happens when we finally go there in a couple of months.]

If the bill passes the 12 cents will be phased in over 3 years. 4 cents a gallon, year one. So 60 cents more, first year, for every 15 gallons. But, it will add up. I think gas taxes are classed as being regressive; impacts poor people disproportionate more than the rich. I think the argument is that the poor still have to drive to work, to stores etc. They also may have older, less efficient cars. So while they might not drive the big SUV tanks they still have to buy a fair amount of gas.

A hike in the gas tax is probably not the right thing to do. Raise the tolls. Charge out-of-state cars more. Easy-Pass can do that on the fly on their computer.

I have also noticed that wine and liquor prices are slowly, but surely, creeping up. I am sure glad I am not an alcoholic — despite my religious imbibing of one large glass of diluted red wine a day. That is per doctor’s orders. Medicinal.

Also looks like my ‘buddy’, Ed Philpot, Chairman, Belknap Country Commission, might, using a legal challenge, force through the 9% hike in County taxes! I could be wrong, but I get a sneaking feeling that our taxes, at the local level, are going up, up and even higher.

Ed Philpot Re-Elected As Chairman, Belknap Country Commission. Very Nice. Very Good. ANOTHER Win For Us.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Ed is a good guy, even if he is a lawyer (just like Andrew Hosmer). Ed really is one of those folks that will literally give you his shirt off his back. From what I recall, he doesn’t seem to charge much for his legal services — though it is possible he felt sorry for me (which is easy to do) and kind of charged me just a notch above pro bono. He is a good lawyer and as such very busy.

Click here for a picture of me talking to Ed at the Jill Biden event in Laconia.

Ed Philpot’s victory from today’s Laconia Daily Sun. Click to ENLARGE.