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Did The Vatican In Naming New Cardinals Mistake Cupich (Of Chicago) To Chaput (Of Philadelphia)?

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE. Headline from ‘AP’ and ‘NBC10’ (Philadelphia).

Charles Joseph Chaput O.F.M. Cap. [b. 1944], Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia as of July 2011, was the de facto Master of Ceremonies for Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S.A. in September 2015.

He was flitting constantly between Philadelphia and the Vatican for months ahead of the pope’s visit and was in the pope’s entourage for the entire duration of the visit. Given his high-profile involvement in what was a very successful visit it was taken as a given that he would get a ‘red hat’ the next time the pope got around to doling out these princely crowns. And he would have been the FIRST Native American cardinal.

On Sunday, October 9, 2016 the Vatican announced the names of the cardinals to be created at the November 19, 2015 consistory.

No Chaput. But three other Americans, one a curialist, were announced.

Seems QUITE the omission.

It is indeed possible that the Vatican got the names mixed up. They are know for mix ups like that. Cupich … Chaput … Both Americans with names starting ‘C’.

Yes, it is true that Chaput was more of a Benedict XVI favorite than he is a Francis man. Yes, he is a conservative while Pope Francis is a Bernie Sanders follower. That could be it.

Feel bad for Chaput. But he is still young.

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by Anura Guruge