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The 30′ ‘Great Wall Of Vaginas’ — Deanna Sent Me Link And Said: ‘Very, very odd, not sure what to think, but thought you’d have an opinion’

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


..by Anura Guruge

I blurred it, because, despite my manifold limitations, I try to maintain some class. To see original click on image and access the 'Huffington Post' post.

I blurred it, because, despite my manifold limitations, I try to maintain some class. To see original click on image and access the ‘Huffington Post’ post.

Well, of course, I have an opinion. I have an opinion on everything; I even have my own private opinions on my own opinions.

The theme does not shock me in the least. I remember that ‘Sex in the City‘ (in the days that I used to watch in long, long, long time ago) had an episode about an artist that painted vaginas — no, no, not the vagina per se, but depictions of it on canvas. << See Below >> I also know, though I don’t have any first hand experience, that there is at least one place in Vegas where you can get a latex mould, which could be made functional, made while you wait. I also think that of late the moulds are gender independent.

So, what do I think of this Great Wall. Bravo. Why didn’t I think of it?

After saying that, at least in the 40 shown in the ‘Huffington Post’ image 1 (above), there are few, if any, that I would class as being truly delectable. Some of them are truly gross! Sorry. Not sure about the 3rd one on the top row — where I assume that all of those can’t be studs and what is below is definitely not artificial. I am sure that IF I ever had had the misfortune to encounter that, I would have fled and kept on running until I found a vat of acid in which to purify myself. Some show what looks like heavy use, while other point to a proclivity¬†for undue manipulation. The vaginal ring does, indeed, intrigue me, though I would be worried that it could get ripped, which would be quite painful, I would think.

So, bottom line here; they can keep these. None of these are really my cup of tea. But enjoy.

I wonder whether the artist, Jamie McCartney, bothered to question each woman and kind of create a log for each. I would have a set of specific questions for all. Then we could correlate certain things with visible characteristics. Hhhhmmmm. Got me thinking. Maybe doing a study of vagina shapes and characteristics and trying to correlate them to proclivities and other behaviors might be more fun than papal history. I know that Deanna won’t object as long as I start with her.

So … maybe … watch this SPACE >>>>

P.S., You think Gloria Huffington is featured on this wall, and that is why they did this post? If so which one? My guess, judging by per prissy personality, #2 second row? Do you think I am right? Can’t be that much of a secret?

Season 1, Episode 5. Click to access.

Season 1, Episode 5. Click to access.