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‘C & K Restaurant’, Derry [N.H.] — Great Food, Wonderful Folks, Greek Cuisine, & You Can Have A BALL.

by Anura Guruge

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We had a BALL.

A great, fun, convivial dining experience. Everything was good. Helen (from Greece), the co-owner’s wife served us and tool wonderful care of us. Made sure that it was memorable and that we would come back again — though it is well off the beaten trail for us. She was so good and persuasive that she even got me to break my diet and have some rice pudding — which she had made. It was delicious. Now I will have to starve myself for a week, but it was worth it. SMILE.

We found it serendipitously.

We had gone to an Estate Sale in Windham, on Route 28. We were done by 1:45. Got to Derry and 2pm and was looking for a place for lunch.

This place is big and dominates the Main Street, with plenty of off-road parking. So, we gave it a spin.

Sure glad we did.

Between us we had: calamari (good), coconut shrimp (v. good), chicken tenders (more than ample), grilled lamb (outstanding), baked haddock (v. good) & soup of the day (good) with side salads. It was very good.

Teischan had the baklava and I the rice pudding. It was all very good.

We have already promised to go back.

Highly recommended. Two thumbs up.

Make sure you ask for ‘Helen’. She says she is there everyday — Monday to Saturday. They are closed Sundays.

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by Anura Guruge

“Mint Bistro”, Manchester, NH — Most Expensive SALT In The World.

by Anura Guruge

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We went to the ‘Mint Bistro‘, in Manchester, New Hampshire, for dinner on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. I had never heard of the place. My two older kids, who live in Manchester, were familiar with it and wanted to meet us there for dinner. Two of the kids wanted sushi and that appears to have been the draw. That they served lamb was supposed to be my enticement. Well, I never tasted any lamb that night. Just salt. Salt on skewers for $13 — and I don’t like salt and don’t add salt to my food. So, this salt did a real job on me. I hated that place.

So, it was for the 4 kids and I am always happy to indulge and pick-up the tab.

I am desperately trying to lose weight after my disastrous annual physical in August. So, had a v. light lunch and thought I would be all set if I ordered two tapas dishes. Well, the lamb skewers was a HUGE mistake. Just salt. Nothing else. SALT. SALT. SALT. Luckily the Lobster Rangoons were OK. On a par with what I am used to at “Warren’s” — our new favorite eating place. Tesichan (12), a chicken tenders connoisseur, was utterly unimpressed with her chicken tenders. So much so that she went on strike and would not even order dessert. That truly means that she is disgusted and wants to just go home. I felt real bad for her! I was hungry so I ate one of her chicken tenders.

I guess the sushi was OK. They didn’t complain.

But, I am NOT going back there again, even if somebody offered to buy me lunch or dinner. I do NOT like salt. Took me 2-days to flush all that damn salt out of the system — and you know how that works!

IF you like salt YOU will LOVE this place. The salt capital of New Hampshire.

P.S., They had a real clean, well lit men’s room with a great mirror — for selfies-my-way.

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by Anura Guruge