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Alton, NH Tax Base Went Down For 3 Key Reasons — Necessitating The ‘Large’ Increase In The Tax Rate.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


..by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Comparison of Alton’s tax structure for the last 6 years — from the Alton Town Web site. Note that the ‘Town Valuation’, i.e., tax base, has gone down.

A typical 'mobile' home valuation in Alton -- this is one of the nicer 'parks'.

A typical ‘mobile’ home valuation in Alton — this is one of the nicer ‘parks’. Click to ENLARGE.

Alton Christian Conference Center fire on April 13, 2009 — Easter Weekend [which we witnessed.]

Yesterday was ‘Tax Day‘ in Alton. I dutifully trudged up the stairs and wrote a check. It was around 4pm. It wasn’t busy, but I saw two others coming in with their taxes. Yes, I do know that most pay by mail or have it paid directly by their mortgage holder.

As promised I did, however, dally around and make some discreet (by my standards) inquiries as to what happened to our tax base. Yes, the tax base did go down — as is very clear from the above table.

It appears there were three main reasons for this decline, which in turn forced the Tax Rate to go up because the requisite money has to be collected somehow. The 3 reasons why the base went down were as follows:

1/ Some high-end properties [read ‘waterfront‘] had (by now) unrealistically high (pre-2007) valuations.

2/ A major drop in the value of ‘mobile’ homes. [Anybody who follows the local property market would attest to this. Nonetheless, I went and did some checking using our online ‘Appraiser Valuation’ database. Wow. $62K for a nice, big, well maintained ‘mobile’ — which I think was on the market a few years ago for upwards of $100K. Wow.]

3/ The large number of building that were lost in the 2009 Christian Conference Center fire. The taxes associated with these buildings are gone. Hhhmmm.

I also found out that nobody had said a word about the higher tax rate — confirming my belief that Alton is a very rich town.