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How Did YOU Read Mike Luckovich “Hillary’s World” Cartoon?

by Anura Guruge


Click to access Mike Luckovich’s July 29, 2016 “Hillary’s World” cartoon at “truthdig.com”

How did YOU ‘read’ (i.e., interpret) this Mike Luckovich’s cartoon
which is, of course, a very clever takeoff of Andrew Wyeth’s iconic “Christina’s World” (1948)?


Deanna made a point of bringing this cartoon to my attention yesterday.

Kind of personal to her.

Christina Olson lived in Cushing, Maine and the famous (Farm) House in Wyeth’s painting is (still) in Cushing — where Wyeth used to Summer.

Deanna is from Cushing and knew Wyeth.

So ….

Christina always GOT home … though it was a struggle.

Is that WHAT Luckovich MEANT to portray?

That Hillary WILL get to the White House though it might be a struggle?

I am not sure how many others will get this …

So, what do YOU think?


Click to ENLARGE. On my birthday last September with Deanna’s aunty. Can anyone tell the Wyethian connection?

by Anura Guruge