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New Hampshire/Maine Radio Station, 94.9 FM, WMUR Has Already Started Playing Christmas Music!

by Anura Guruge

I had NOT listened to any radio in a few days. Unless I am in a car, I rarely listen to radio — & when I do it tends to be NPR.

Tonight, I tuned into 94.9, one of our favorite stations — also the one with best reception given that they have the most powerful transmitter around.

It took me a second to realize they were playing Christmas Music. Ah? Had to do a mental check on the date. November 8. Christmas music.

Then their ‘Christmas Music’ jingle came on. I was shocked.

Yes, 94.9 has ALWAYS been our Christmas Music station. But, Christmas music only started AFTER Thanksgiving. That was the tradition.

OK, last year it MIGHT have started the week of Thanksgiving. But, this is CRAZY. November 6?

Come on. That is too much of a good thing (though I am known to listen to SOME Christmas music year-round).

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by Anura Guruge