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Why Is Chubby Christie Even Mentioning ‘Nudity’ When ‘Christie’ & ‘Nude’ Are NOT Two Words You Want In The Same Sentence.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access the U.K. 'The Guardian' article. Yes, I bet the blimp would love to get a grip of our 'Prince'.

Click to access the U.K. ‘The Guardian’ article. Yes, I bet the blimp would love to get a grip of our ‘Prince’.

I think there is something perverse and Freudian in Chubby Cheeks Christie talking about nudity, especially about our Prince.

Now to be fair I like the C.C.C.! I appreciate what he did for my President. Thanks buddy.

Prince Harry cracks me up. That he is considered Royal is so very British. I am not that great at seeing family resemblances but I ‘knew’ James Hewitt and to me the resemblance is beyond uncanny.

The real dad?

As somebody I know, who too has British Blue Blood though his ancestors were from the wrong side of the Royal blanket said: ‘I have to be drunk and squinting NOT to see the resemblance‘.

Yes, while I know of all the denials I just can’t help see his ol’ dad in him. Not that it matters. It is all part of the rich tapestry of royal heritage. And now that I am a born-again Royalist, I will support him and root for him irrespective. Good genes in any case.

I don’t get C.C.C. Does he force his wife to see him naked or do they have a truce? I definitely hope so, because that reminds me of cruel and unnatural punishment, even for a woman married to a Republican. Yikes.

But please C.C.C. Don’t talk about nudity. Not a nice word coming from you. I will confess that it is quite a powerful deterrent against eating, not that I have any problems when it comes to overeating these days.

I will let my 2nd favorite newspaper in the whole world tell the story.