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Cracks, As Was Inevitable, Start To Appear In The Cordiality Between Current Pope, Francis, & Ex-Pope, Ratzinger Over Latin Mass.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This is why I was always so against papal resignations. Having two ‘popes’ around is always a sure fire recipe for potential schism and definitely disagreements. That is why we hadn’t had a papal resignation, prior to that of February 2013, in 598 years.

I always screamed, possible SCHISM.

Well, it isn’t a schism as such, YET, but it sure could be given that the issue in point is the always divisive, ever controversial Latin Mass,

So when I saw this post all I could say was: ‘Here we GO! I knew this would happen’.

Ratzinger, as we came to know, is a extremely vain, egomaniac — even by papal standards. That he waited a whole 6 months before butting in amazes me. I expected him to do so sooner. This is but the start — unless the Vatican, as I had always advocated, resorts to their ‘Plan B’.

Click to read 'Huffington Post' article.

Click to read ‘Huffington Post’ article.