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Jackfruit Plus Coke Is NOT “Cobra Poison” — Jackfruit Is NOT Durian.


Anura Guruge

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Durian and Jackfruit are both tropical fruits
(though I think some will argue that Jackfruit, whose ‘kernels’ can be cooked, is a vegetable).

There is, as the above picture shows, a superficial resemblance
— albeit with Durian much more PRICKLY (in every sense of the word).

In reality they are like chalk and cheese.

The Jackfruit as a strong odour too BUT nothing like that of Durian.

IF it smells real pungent like real old cheese fermenting
in sweaty socks, for months — then it has to be Durian. 

Durian + Coke = Cobra Poison.

Jackfruit + Coke  Cobra Poison.


Got that.

As far as ‘we’ know Jackfruit and coke is OK —
but moderation in everything, other than sex, is a good thing.