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U.S. House Approves $1 ‘Christa McAuliffe’ Coin To Be Minted -> Proceeds To Benefit ‘FIRST Robotics’.

by Anura Guruge

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This is BIG for New Hampshire & the FIRST Robotics program. The bill to make this happen passed the U.S. House this last Thursday with bipartisan support.

The bill instructs the U.S. Mint to issue 350,000 $1 silver coins to commemorate Christa Mcauliffe, the NH science teacher who died in the January 1986 ‘Challenger’ Space Shuttle disaster. The proceeds from the sale of this coin will go to benefit the FIRST Robotics initiative.

The bill, however, has to be be approved by Donald Trump. That should not be a problem, since Christa, in marked contrast to Harriet Tubman, is white & good-looking. Well, it had to be said, and few others will, though they will think it.

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by Anura Guruge

U.K. 2012 Remembrance Sunday, Poppy Day, Royal Mint Silver Proof Coin With Red Poppy

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.by Anura Guruge

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Just happen to find this listing on eBay. Cool.

Way TOO RICH for a poor bugger like me! I can only sit and admire.

Very cool. Nice portrait of the Queen, double chin or not. Classic profile.

The ‘Lesus’ On Pope Francis’ Newly Minted Medal Was Neither Freudian Nor A Typo. It Was To Embarrass The Pope.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to read the as ever informative U.K. 'The Telegraph' article. My second favorite newspaper.

Click to read the as ever informative U.K. ‘The Telegraph’ article. My second favorite newspaper.

Click to read in the U.K. the 'Daily Mail' my all time favorite newspaper.

Click to read in the U.K. the ‘Daily Mail’ my all time favorite newspaper.

This was not a typo!

The Vatican City StatePhilatelic and Numismatic Office‘, one of the oldest mints in the world, does NOT make typos.

This was intentional. This was a DIG at the pope who is not popular among those that work in the Vatican given his crusade to reform the Vatican; i.e., interfere with the relatively cushy life that those that work for the Vatican have got used to.

The pope is all powerful within the Vatican.

There is no avenue or possibility for open dissent. It is not Washington D.C.

So Vatican workers have to be subtle and creative when they want to embarrass the pope. They can’t take a vote to shutdown the Vatican.

So, do NOT be fooled. This was not an error.

This was a bunch of SENIOR Vatican workers plotting, quite cleverly, to make sure that this pope, so popular with the media and the rank-and-file (though not bona fide conservative Catholics) has egg on face.