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Fidelity’s “Active Trader Pro” Requires MSFT ‘SilverLight’ & Latest Chrome Does NOT Support It!

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and look.

Fidelity, always very nice towards me, has been telling me for 6 months or more that I should try their new “Active Trader Pro” trading platform — especially since I am entitled to free access to it (probably because of my advanced age).

Today I thought I might give it a try to see if I can use it INSTEAD of the new system which does not sit well with me.

As soon as I tried to launch it I was told I needed Microsoft’s ‘Silverlight’ enhanced screen display software. I thought I already had it. Then the problem became apparent. Google Chrome has stopped supporting Silverlight — over the last 6 months or so!

That is a problem. I will not switch from Chrome. It appears that this is a well known issue. I am kind of surprised that Fidelity has not addressed it.

Just a heads up.

Fidelity’s New ‘Accounts & Trade’ System User Interface Had To Have Been Designed By An Inebriated Blind Person.

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by Anura Guruge

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Don’t get me wrong, I am Fidelity’s GREATEST and most loyal fan (even if they have stopped giving me any IPO allocations (and maybe as such they are doing me a favor)). Just check this blog. Their accounts reps. are wonderful. I really have never had any serious problems with Fidelity in over 30 years of dealings OTHER than my intense displeasure, over the last few months, with their new ‘Accounts & Trade’ system — specifically its User Interface.

No question, the new system is a vast improvement in that it provides a LOAD more information and does so conveniently. That is a good part.

The atrocious part is how that information is presented. Yes, I have had multiple very productive and pleasant calls with Fidelity about my issues with the GUI (graphical user interface) and I even had a call back, a few weeks ago, to tell me that ALL of my issues have been noted and that each and every one of them WILL be fixed — however, not any time soon!

I am NOT a casual user of the Fidelity system. I have a Fidelity tab open on this PC at least 12 hours a day! No, I don’t trade constantly though I probably trade more often that most. I did three or four trades today. I probably average over one a day. That doesn’t make me an active trader but I am also far from what would be classed a passive one. I check the screens quite often during the day. SMILE. So I know my Fidelity system and Fidelity knows that I know my Fidelity system.

ONCE I discovered and told Fidelity, on June 17, 2015, that the old system had stopped reporting some new transactions I did NOT have any choice but to start using the new system. There was no way I was going to stick with a system that didn’t show me all my recent transactions.

Once I started using it I quickly narrowed down the three (3) key things that were driving me insane.

1/ The fields are way, way, way TOO WIDE and there is no way that you can condense them (and I use a 23″ WIDE screen for my Fidelity tab). With a Fidelity rep in tow I worked out how wide the fields are. Some of the dollar value fields could hold in excess of $99 Trillion values. That is crazy. Basically all the horizontal fields are WAY TOO WIDE and you can’t make them narrower t give you a better, closer, more intimate view.

2/ You can’t rearrange the order of the columns. You should be able to create a customized view that best suits each user. Plus the new columns are not in the same order as the old ones.

3/ The very comforting light yellow highlight background to denote changes that have taken place today is gone. I was used to using that yellow background to navigate the columns.

Fidelity has agreed that all three of these issues are legitimate and that they will fix them — BUT not any time soon.

So giving you a heads up.

Fidelity Investments: HEADS UP — Old Positions Screen, As Of NOW, Might Not Be Up-To-Date!

As you must know Fidelity for the last 7 months (maybe longer) have been trying to get us to move to the “New Accounts & Trade” system. Many probably have. I, very much a creature of habit, have resisted. Yes, I have tried it and have given lots of feedback.

Last week, given that I have fairly frequent, always extremely pleasant, chats with Fidelity representatives over the phone, I heard that we would soon have no option. We would have to move to the new system.

Just ‘now’ I discovered a FATAL flaw in the old system and had it CONFIRMED by Fidelity. The old system STOPPED showing, on ‘Positions’, my latest transaction! Yes, given my uncontrollable addiction for option trading, I did some today. [When I called Fidelity the automated system always tells you how many orders you have executed that day. Told me that I had 10. TEN! I am embarrassed. I wrote 10 options this morning. That is bad. As addictions go it is not a bad addiction. I made money. So it is an addiction that costs nothing and in the long term is mainly benign in that, after decades, I finally am at the point where I will NOT write any ‘underwater’ options. But, me and my option trading addiction is a story for another post. But, I am smiling. SMILE.]

Anywho, I wrote an option. It was executed. It appeared in history. But NOT in the old positions. It does appear in the new.

That is scary. So basically as of around 1:15pm today you can NO LONGER trust what is on the old positions.

I had a lovely chat with another delightful Fidelity representative. He confirmed that what I was seeing and saying was true. He did not know.

So a heads up. Not the end of the world. Just use the NEW system.

My latest requests re. New system were three (3): a Fidelity based zoom options, option to be able to make the columns narrower and to be able to rearrange the order of the columns.

Hope this helps.

Josh Spaulding, The Baysider, Sets Up Fund For ‘2014 Winter Olympics’ In Sochi, Russia.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Lets Get Josh Spaulding, The Baysider,
To The ’2014 Winter Olympics’ In Sochi, Russia.
Nov. 2, 2012.

Josh Spaulding, self portrait.

Good news. I had an e-mail from Josh this morning.

He has set up an account for this effort at TD Bank.

It is called the:
Joshua Spaulding – 2014 Olympic Fund.

You can go to any TDBank and make a deposit specifying that account name, viz. ‘Joshua Spaulding – 2014 Olympic Fund’.

Or you can mail it to:

36 Center St.
Wolfeboro Falls 03896

Attn: Joshua Spaulding – 2014 Olympic Fund.

Josh’s publisher, Salmon Press, has also agreed to MATCH all donations (up to $5,000).

That is great.

Not sure we will need $10,000, but more the merrier for Josh.

Lets Get Josh Spaulding, The Baysider, To The ‘2014 Winter Olympics’ In Sochi, Russia.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click image above to see it in its FULL GLORY.
The background is the official Sochi, 2014 banner (modified).

Click to ENLARGE it so it can be easily read.
Or if you want to read it in the Baysier per se click here to access the November 1, 2012 Baysider as a PDF.

Josh’s column above, as it appeared in yesterday’s Baysider tells it all.
All I am trying to do is make sure that Josh gets the necessary funds to make this happen.
I have already pledged a minimum of $10 (being the last of the big spenders, that I am).
Another 299 $10 pledges should be sufficient.

If you live around the Lakes Region you really should know Joshua Spaulding.

Josh, in addition to being the intrepid, indefatigable editor of ‘The Baysider’, the local weekly for Alton, Barnstead and New Durham, does double-duty as the Sports Editor for the Baysider and 6 (yes, 6) OTHER local newspapers! He covers 35 to 50 high school sports teams, ranging from skiing to football, as well as all of the local 5Ks, turkey-trots and even the NASCAR! Josh writes 7,000 to 9,000 published words a week — and that is quite a feat. Furthermore, Josh has been doing this Herculean (most likely unprecedented) ‘editor x editor x reporter‘ ‘beat’ for 10+ years WITHOUT EVER taking a week off.

How do we know that for sure? A few weeks ago, Josh, one of the most self-effacing, modest and humble people that I know (next to me, of course), let it be known, through his always extremely readable (and invariably entertaining) column that he had written 500 published columns — WITHOUT nary a single break. That is beyond impressive.

Josh, over the years, has chronicled the sporting exploits of thousands of kids — some that have gone onto find greatness. Josh has touched the lives of tens of thousands. He is one of the most obliging and helpful folks that I know. He is always trying help, make the lives of others pleasanter.

It is no secret that Josh is married to his job. His job and covering the local sports scene (and watching ‘Survivor’ among other other shows on TV (now augmented, quite recently, by a DVR)) is his LIFE. He gives us so much. I think that with his travel schedule, which makes me tired just reading about given that it covers around 8,000 sq. miles in total, he works around 70 – 80 hours a week.

Going to Sochi will be such a great thing for Josh. It will also be a great honor for us. Just think of Josh’s columns from Russia. We will learn stuff from Josh’s coverage that we will never hear from any other journalist. Josh will tell us how Survivor comes across in Serbian. Who knows. Josh might even meet a nice Russian athlete over there.

I haven’t spoken to Josh about my campaign as yet — other than pledge my (minimum of) $10.

I am sure that sponsorship opportunities abound. Yes, Josh would go to Sochi dressed like a NASCAR driver emblazoned with logos head to foot. I will also see if he will set up a bank account so that funds can be sent to it directly. Maybe he might set up a FaceBook ‘donate’ page.

But, we need to make sure that we raise a minimum of $3,000 to get Josh to Sochi.