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DirecTV HR-34 Genie: How To Fix The No Sound On Some Channels Problem. It Is An HDMI, SD/HD ‘Conflict’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Google search if you type "direct tv no sound on some channels". Try it. Click to ENLARGE.

Google search if you type “direct tv no sound on some channels”. Try it. Click to ENLARGE.

Appears that I am not the only DirecTV Genie customer who has run into the ‘No Sound‘ on some channels problem.

Well, given that I know a fair amount about A/V I actually know what causes the problem and how to fix it.

The problem, at least in my case, has to do with me using HDMI for my HD connection.

The problem has to do with switching to a Standard Definition (SD) channel after watching a High Definition (HD) channel. It might not happen each and every time, but if you are without sound the chances are that you are HDMI connected and just switched to a SD channel from an HD channel.

OK. This is a well know problem within HDMI circles. Yes, DirecTV should have fixed it, but then again pigs should be able to fly.

There is no simple or elegant solution. Yes, maybe you can turn off everything and power-up while still on the SD channel. That should work. But, that is aggravating.

A more strategic solution is to run a RCA red/white audio cable from the RCA video/audio out plugs from the back of the Genie to a RCA audio/video input on your ‘sound box’. Yes, you will have to SELECT that on the ‘sound box’ to get sound!

Yes, not fun, but as I have found out to my intense cost, nothing related to DirecTV is fun. That is why I hate, really hate, detests DirecTV. I even set up a countdown clock to tell me how much time is left on my DirecTV contract.

DirecTV Genie back panel

DirecTV Genie back panel. The RCA video/audio outputs are the yellow, white, red outlets at the BOTTOM, below the green, blue, red component video outputs.