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Donald Trump To Sign An Executive Order That Will Expunge His Impeachment From The Congressional Record.

by Anura Guruge

It appears that this was a little known, never used, provision that enables a President to expunge portions of the official Congressional Record if it is deemed to be harmful to National Security!

Well, he is going to exercise his RIGHT and obviously Congress will not be able to do anything about it because the Democrats do NOT have the votes.


This means that future textbooks on U.S. history will have to omit any mentions of the Impeachment because there will be NO official Congressional Record of it. Just media reports and that has been discredited as FAKE NEWS!


As far as the official historical record Donald Trump was never impeached.

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by Anura Guruge

How Is It That A 73-Year Old American, Supposedly Educated & With ‘Unmatched Wisdom’ Can’t Understand ‘Treason’ & ‘Impeachment’.

by Anura Guruge

This totally & utterly confounds I.

I am ill-educated and the ONLY wisdom I have are two badly rotted wisdom-teeth, BUT, I, an alien at that, KNOW the definition and requirements for ‘impeachment’ & ‘treason’!

That the President of the United States of America doesn’t is a travesty.

I guess Fox News doesn’t understand these words either. Because, if they had done a segment on them MAYBE he would understand.

You can’t impeach a member of U.S. Congress. Period. Simple as that. NO, if and buts or in his case not even butts. You can’t impeach a member of Congress. Saying such garbage makes you sound stupid. But, what is worse are his supporters who lap it up.

Also treason. Oh, dear! Nancy Pelosi & Adam Schiff have not provided an enemy of the U.S., with which the U.S. is officially at war (per an article passed by Congress), with any aid or comfort! NO CASE. Can’t even open a case. You can’t commit treason outside of that. Trump, alas, is NOT the King/Queen of the U.K.!


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by Anura Guruge

NOT An April Fool’s Joke: Trump Administration Wants To Defund The ‘Special Olympics’!

by Anura Guruge

From ‘AP’. Google for more.

Click to access their official Website.

When I saw this on my Google News feed this morning my immediate reaction was that it was an extremely premature April Fool’s Joke. I had a chuckle (though I do not like early April Fool’s) and was ready to move on when I saw that there were multiple stories, different media outlets, about this.

I was NOT an April Fool’s joke! Sacré ‘bloody’ bleu. The Trump Administration was serious. Deadly serious.


The ‘Special Olympics‘! That is a pretty beloved, one could even say ‘revered’, organization.

Nothing is no longer sacred. Everything is trivialized.

But, I do know a couple of things. You do NOT mess with the disabled. They have a lot of support & clout — as they should. And, those that benefit from the ‘Special Olympics’ invariably have large circles of family, friends & followers that have VOTES — real votes. This is not be forgotten — though everybody, outside of the Trump Administration, is 110% certain that this will never fly. That Congress would not let this happen. They know where their bread is buttered.

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by Anura Guruge

All Of Pope Francis’ Homilies During U.S. Visit Will Be In Spanish!

IMG_8178.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Many Americans are going to be confused and confounded by this.

Many U.S. Catholics, including those with even recent European lineage, seem to think that all popes habitually speak English — even in private, at the Vatican! I kid you not. You will be surprised the number of Americans who will be aghast if I told them that Pope John Paul II ONLY spoke English, quite credibly, in public, when he had to and that he primarily spoke Italian, Polish, Spanish and even some Latin in and around the Vatican. [You really should read this post from 2011 as to Pope John Paul II, his deathbed request and the language involved.]

His words will be translated, on-the-fly, to English by an Interpreter. How that will play out, especially on TV, will be interesting to see. I hope that they will think about English subtitles for the TV broadcast. I think the people will like to hear the pope’s voice … rather than that of an interpreter.

The pope plans to speak in English at the White House and during his address to Congress. Appears he has been practicing his English. He spoke in English, earlier in the year, during his visit to Sri Lanka. It was a bit strained and at times difficult to follow and you can tell that the pope was NOT enjoying it. Benedict XVI, though not a natural, was better — and he made you realize how well John Paul II, a very gifted and talented man, spoke English. Here … listen to the Pope, speaking English, upon arriving in Sri Lanka. You can understand him …


Click to access YouTube video. The pope starts speaking around the 42 minute mark. OK?

From THE book about Francis’ preference for Spanish.
Click to ENLARGE and read here.


First part of Pope Francis’ U.S. itinerary from “Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit 2015“.



How Will U.S. Congress Treat Pope Francis After He Called Capitalism “The Dung Of The Devil”?

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Yep, this pope actually said that. Capitalism, the “dung of the devil”!

I don’t have to make this stuff up. This pope is the master of putting his flat foot (and yes he is flat footed as you would know IF you read my latest pope book) in his mouth.

Here, check it out in the “New York Time“.


Click to ENLARGE and check here. Use link above to access “New York Times” original. Or Google “Francis Dung”.

Well, Francis is scheduled to address a joint session of U.S. Congress, on Capitol Hill, in Washington D.C., at 9:20 am on Tuesday, September 24, 2015 during his 6-day, September 22 to 27 visit to the U.S.

John Boehner, a devout Catholic invited him to address Congress, towards the end of 2014. Pope Francis will become the first pope to have done so.

Boehner’s invitation was before the Pope start his all out rampage in 2015 against capitalism and global warming.

Some members of Congress, particularly Republicans, are likely to have issues with what the pope has been saying, of late, about capitalism and global warming. Not sure whether they will want to be ‘seen’ with a man that is bashing an INSTITUTION so near and dear to them. Isn’t calling capitalism the ‘dung of the devil’ what you would expect from an out and out commie? [Talking of which why was Francis taken back when he was presented a Crucifix in the form of a commie hammer and sickle?] So basically Congress will be addressed by a commie! Not sure how that will go down.

This is going to be interesting. Mark the day. Tuesday, September 24, 2015.

Philadelphia Amtrak 188: Was Brandon Bostian Trying To Make A Powerful Political Statement (Rather Than Suicidal)?

amtrackday2.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access MSNBC original.


Click to ENLARGE and read. Acceleration in the last 49 seconds. Yes, 49 seconds. I did a graph to show that it was straight line acceleration. 40% in 49 seconds!

Now transpires that Brandon Bostian was some kind of zealous ‘travel safety’ advocate plus a confirmed loner.

So was he, most likely extremely aware that Congress, in D.C., was in the process of debating Amtrak funding set out to make an indelible statement?

Think about it.


Was this the ULTIMATE in a graphic Political Statement!

Interesting that nobody is coming forward about his girlfriend, wife or even any other partner. Seems to have been a loner.

Obviously had to have had some mental issues, even if he was not getting treatment.

I have concluded that today’s incessant social media is aggravating mental unease. All this non-stop ‘relationship’ chatter on Facebook, Twitter etc. makes those susceptible to such anxious, rattled and depressed. I see it all around me.

Definitely some destructive element at work. The brake were working.

The sudden braking may have been in his plan ALL along. Sudden, straight line acceleration followed by applying the emergency brakes, on a sharp corner, was GUARANTEED to jackknife and derail the train. So the braking could have been the ‘belt-and-braces’ — making doubly sure that the train would derail.

But I am beginning to think that there could have been a political statement aspect to this tragic crash.

Food for thought. Maybe we might be getting to the point that we might be better off with driverless trains and even planes.