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More Bad News From Nikon Might Signal A Much-Needed Re-Trenching/Consolidation Of The Digital Camera Market.

by Anura Guruge

Another BAD NEWS Press Release
from Nikon on February 13, 2017.


Click to ENLARGE. You can find original Press Release at Nikon.com.

This Press Release right on the heels of the one that
the much anticipated 1″ DL compacts have been cancelled.

Mobile phones with high-quality camera capability have been steadily eating into digital camera sales for the last few years.

It is finally beginning to take a heavy toll. Nikon could be the first to stumble.

Nikon currently, per DPReview, has 250 cameras on its books. That is crazy.

Canon has 278, Sony 277, Olympus 243, Fujifilm 239, Panasonic 193 and Pentax 135.

That is a total of 1,615 digital cameras from 7 camera manufacturers — at an average of 230 per vendor.

I have consistently maintained that this is too many. Each camera that you keep on your books costs money.

Nikon announced 14 new cameras in 2016 — 3 of them being the 1″ DL compacts that were cancelled yesterday.

Nikon and the others MUST cut back on new releases. We do NOT need so many variants at so many different price points.

Just a couple of good ones, at the low, medium and high bands.

The camera industry has ALREADY seen a sea change in vendors. Kodak, Polaroid and Agfa are no longer the market leaders they one were.

We have seen such dramatic shifts in leadership in the computer industry. Once famous names, now no more; e.g., NCR, Burroughs, CDC, Univac, DEC, DG, Wang, Stratus, Sun etc. etc.

The same WILL happen to these digital camera vendors. Mark my word.

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by Anura Guruge

Digital Camera Makers Canon, Nikon, Sony et. al. Are ALL LOSING Money!

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail


by Anura Guruge

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Watching the gay abandon with which these Japanese companies roll out extremely marginal digital camera offerings — e.g., Canon Rebel T6i vs T6s — you would NOT realize that they are ALL bleeding money like crazy.

Yes, there is HUGE undisciplined and unrestrained mismanagement. Canon, Nikon and Sony could save MILLIONS of dollars a year IF they would just rationalize their digital camera offerings and concentrate on just providing a few ‘best in class’ products rather than hundreds of hard to differentiate models.

Lets us NOT forget Kodak and Polaroid.

Both of these U.S. companies were iconic pioneering GIANTS. They are basically GONE!

So cameras companies can stumble, badly, and end up in death spirals.

With smartphone cameras eating into digital camera sales on a daily basis I expect a MAJOR shakedown and consolidation of the digital camera market over the next 18 months.


These companies have to play smarter. The current situation is untenable.