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Coronavirus 2020: I Think I Smell A Rat As It Relates To The ‘Year Of The Rat’!

by Anura Guruge

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The timing of this 2020 coronavirus outbreak could NOT have been any WORSE!

That is why I, an avowed cynic, was getting convinced today that I was smelling a rat when it came to the timing of this virus outbreak. It could not have been any worse in terms of impacting and crippling the 2020 Chinese New Year — the Year of the Rat.

Plans for New Year celebrations have been devastated. For one a lot of people in China are being precluded from traveling. Others, wisely, are avoiding going out and mingling with others.

I ran into that problem this morning. Should we go to the ‘Confucius Institute’ event at UNH today. Yes, we knew there would be a fair number of Chinese — some who probably visited China in the last few weeks. Furthermore there were two suspected cases of the virus in New Hampshire — albeit neither in Durham. I pondered, long & hard. I knew my friends at the Institute would be doing everything they could do minimize the risk. [I was right. They had cut back on personnel to a minimum. It was low-key and unstated but I noticed and appreciated.] I wanted to go to show my solidarity and support. In the end we went.

Going to Boston Chinatown, on a Sunday, is a different matter. A whole load more of people — many who might have visited China in the recent past. Not good. Not good for Chinatown. Not good for us. I like going to Chinatown for Chinese New Year.

I smell a rat. Yes, others have put forward conspiracy theories. I do subscribe to one of this.

This virus has done much, much, much more damage to the Chinese economy, prestige and standing than any tariffs. It will put a huge dent in their GDP for at least a year. Not good.

I smell a rat!

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by Anura Guruge

Lack Of Antonin Scalia Autopsy, As I Predicted, Leads To Wild Conspiracy Theories.

by Anura Guruge

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I a keen and astute observer of U.S. psychology knew, from the get go, that they really should have done a thorough autopsy on Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia.

A pillow over his head?


And that is considered that he died lying “in complete repose”! Ah?

A pillow over his head?

That is NOT right.

Not much I can add here. I have already said that I have a personal angle when it comes to autospies in that they never performed one on my adoptive mother who died unexpectedly in her sleep. I knew the Clintons would get implicated. That was a given.

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by Anura Guruge

Antonin Scalia — Family Decline Autopsy.

by Anura Guruge


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The body of the Supreme Court judge has definitely left Texas and is now enroute to Virginia.

According to ABC News, at 11 pm (on Sunday, Feb. 14), no autopsy was performed in Texas. Family declined to request one. Per Texas law, prior to the body being allowed to be taken out of the State, it was embalmed. Yes, an autopsy can still be done, post-embalming, but a lot of ‘evidence’ will be gone. Shame.

So that is the story. No autopsy. 

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by Anura Guruge

No Autopsy On Antonin Scalia As Yet, Maybe Waived; FBI Involved In Investigation.

by Anura Guruge


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There is a chance that an autopsy might not be performed. I heard on TV that a local Texas Justice of the Peace (JP) pronounced it a ‘death by natural causes’ over the phone BEFORE seeing the body! That is Texas.

Obama should, via the appropriate channels, insist on an autopsy. It would be a shame if conspiracy rumors continue to circulate.

[I have a personal ‘angle’ when it comes to autopsies. 24 years ago, when my adoptive mother, at 62 and in reasonably decent health other than Parkinson’s, chronic asthma and high blood pressure, passed away — unexpectedly — in her sleep, in Paris (France), my adoptive father, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to France ‘declined’ an autopsy claiming Diplomatic Immunity. 24 years later there are quite a few of us in the family that still have nagging doubts!]

scaliaautopsyClick here to access my original story from last night.

by Anura Guruge

There Will Be An Autopsy On Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (Thankfully).

by Anura Guruge

Please check Sunday evening (Feb. 14)
UPDATE. NO autopsy!


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I did go looking for this and I was glad when I saw this. I kind of had a hunch that an autopsy is usually required if a person dies while not currently under the care of a doctor — unless they are quite old or have been known to have been chronically ill. From what I gather this was unexpected. So I for one will feel much happier if an autopsy was done. We do not want conspiracy theories down the road — this being an election year and all. So stay tuned. I hope they do not waive this right.

by Anura Guruge